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A tradition of good sportsmanship and competitive spirit. NORTH HAVEN HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS. Tonight’s Presentation. Overview session of academic requirements Athletic Transportation Sportsmanship expectations Athletic Injuries Important Dates Social Media Concussions. District Vision.

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  1. A tradition of good sportsmanship and competitive spirit NORTH HAVENHIGH SCHOOLATHLETICS

  2. Tonight’s Presentation • Overview session of academic requirements • Athletic Transportation • Sportsmanship expectations • Athletic Injuries • Important Dates • Social Media • Concussions

  3. District Vision • As a result of their experience in the North Haven Public Schools, every student will acquire the skills necessary to meet the demands of the 21st Century • We believe our athletic program meets these goals and provides student athletes a diverse and comprehensive athletic opportunity. • We believe in ensuring a positive athletic experience, providing each student athlete the opportunity to develop to his or her full potential in a healthy & safe environment

  4. Web Access • www.ciacsports.com Can sign up for emails informing of any schedule changes • http://www.casciac.org/pdfs/ciacsportsflyer.pdf • www.north-haven.k12.ct.us • Click on North Haven Public Schools Home Page – Athletics is on district page • Links for updated information, sports packet, forms, scholarship opportunity, and directions to athletic contests • Frequently Asked Questions…

  5. Social Media has reached NHHS • Facebook: Parents and Athletes – please visit (Like) the North Haven High School Athletics Facebook page • Twitter: Please follow NorthHavenAthletics@NHHSIndians the Athletic Department

  6. Be Informed! • The school has reserved 17 pages in the student handbook. (pgs. 80 – 97) • Students: You have already signed that you have received and read this handbook…so please be sure you have

  7. Academic and Athletic Eligibility

  8. NHHS Academic RequirementsTo be eligible to try-out… • Can receive no more than one (1) failure “F” in the preceding marking period. • Ex: If receive 2 Failures in November (Term 1) cannot try out prior to end of Term 2 (…well after Winter sports have begun) • Eligibility for fall athletes grades 10, 11, and 12 is based on final grades from the previous Academic year

  9. Any athlete receiving MORE than one (1) failing grade… • Unfortunately, if you receive two (2) academic failures at the conclusion of a term (report card) you will automatically become ineligible and dismissed from the team.

  10. Any In-season athlete receiving one (1) failing grade… • Placed on two-week probationary period. The student may continue to participate with team. • Two week period to assess the progress of the student athlete. • After the two week probationary period, athlete will either be declared eligible or removed from athletic competition for an additional period of two weeks to further assess eligible for remainder of the marking period.

  11. “How do I get assistance…” • There are many steps in place for student athletes to have success. • Playing a sport and being held accountable to coaches and teammates is a learning experience for many new athletes. • It is important for you to communicate your academic problems with your coaches / teachers / counselor in order to maintain your status

  12. Checkpoint Status at Midpoint • Coaches are given reports on the academic progress of their student athletes for proactive reasons. They can assist athletes in getting the needed help and act as liaison to their teachers • Guidance Counselors are notified of failing students and will set up an academic improvement plan with the student. • Athletes are ALWAYS encouraged to speak with their counselor at anytime. • Don’t let it get too late…

  13. Outside Participation (In season) • Athletes are NOT allowed to play or practice with an outside team in the same sport while a member of the school team after the first scheduled game in any season. (Grades 9 - 12) • If you do, the athlete has made themselves ineligible for that entire season. Any high school game played in by that ineligible athlete will be constituted as a forfeit. • CIAC approved exceptions: Individual sport athletes must obtain written approval from Athletic Director (Fall: Swimming only)

  14. CIAC Changes to outside participation • As designated through CIAC, participation in college auditions, and student clinics is permissible under certain conditions. • ALWAYS consult with Athletic Director for clarification well in advance of the date of the audition / clinic

  15. School / Athletic Attendance • Athletes are expected to attend all classes daily • In order to participate in a practice or contest, the athlete MUST attend a minimum of two (2) instructional blocks. • Study halls are not considered instructional blocks • If student is absent from school, they are NOT eligible to participate in any athletic event • Athletes should expect practice / games during vacation periods & days off from school. • Please schedule vacations / college visits around your season’s athletic commitment.

  16. Travel to and from…

  17. Travel • All athletes must travel to and from athletic contests in transportation provide by the athletic department and remain with the team and under the supervision of the coaching staff • Athletes who miss the bus WILL NOT be allowed to participate in that contest unless extenuating circumstance with coaches approval • Parents will not be allowed to transport athletes unless prior approval is granted by the Athletic Director twenty four (48) hours prior. • Students CANNOT under any circumstances transport themselves to an athletic contest

  18. Transportation Form • Located on North Haven Public Schools District website • Athletic Transportation form • Used when conflict arises and you may need to transport your child TO an athletic event • If leaving an athletic event early, a written note as before is sufficient • MUST be submitted 48 hours prior to date of occurrence.

  19. Sportsmanship and Behavior

  20. Athletic Code of Conduct (Pg 78) • Participation in athletics is a privilege that entails responsibilities and adherence to a standard of conduct on and off school grounds • A Signed Code of Ethics is part of your Sports Packet. Again…be aware of what you have signed. NHHS expectations are stated • Make good decisions; representing yourself, your family, your team, and your school • Social Media

  21. SCC Spectator Expectations • Respect decisions made by the contest officials. They are human and do make mistakes! • Please cheer and support your team, please do not taunt or “boo” the other team. • Enjoy your child’s game and support them, please do not try to coach them. • Lets model the behavior set forth in the athletes behavioral expectation!

  22. Social Media Outlets

  23. Social Media thoughts and info • It is believed that most teens may only know 30% of their twitter followers. That’s over 70% strangers following • Disclaimers can change weekly / monthly

  24. Best / Worst Thing about Social Media • Best: You can reach a lot of people all at once and everybody sees what you are posting • Worst: You can reach a lot of people all at once and everybody sees what you are posting

  25. Social Media Thoughts from SCC Captains Council • Tom Pincince, CCSU Assistant A.D. for Communication and Media Services • Don’t post emotionally – usually make bad decisions • Take pride in what you represent • Retweeting is same as tweeting • Text or phone call – hold a regular conversation • In the end, YOU need to make good decisions

  26. Stacy Pouliot Licensed Athletic Trainer Athletic Injuries

  27. INJURY • All injuries must be reported to the Coach / Athletic Trainer immediately • The coach and the athlete must complete a “Report of Interscholastic Accident” within two days of the injury. They must Nurse (Joanne Benevento) • ALL injured athletes seen by a physician MUST return a physician’s clearance to the School Nurse prior to returning to their sports / team. • Athletic Trainer: Stacy Pouliot • See posted schedule on Training Room.

  28. Medical Information reminders • A new sports packet is required EACH school year • Please remember to bring medically assistive devices – epipens, inhalers, etc. • When updating Sports Packet and Medical Forms… • Please remember to fill out forms completely, proper signatures, and submit to Nurses’ office • When turning in an updated physical, please write your son/daughter’s sport on it.

  29. Concussions

  30. Facts About Concussion • A concussion is the immediate and transient alteration of neurological function in the brain caused by mechanical acceleration and deceleration forces • Pursuant of Public Act No 14-66 An Act Concerning Student Athletes and Concussions – all of you should have received and signed a concussion consent form • Many concussions are unreported because the person does not recognize that he or she has a concussion

  31. Concussion ManagementImPACT • ImPACT is a computer-based concussion management system implemented in November 2007. • A baseline test is administered once in high school career • If your child is thought to have received a concussion they will be administered a post injury test to be compared with their baseline test • This information can be taken with your child to his/her physician • Upon Physician’s medical clearance and a satisfactory ImPACT post injury test – the athlete will begin a five day return to play criteria of functional testing.

  32. Signs of Concussion may include(will be visible to others) • Confusion / Disorientation / Irritability • Trouble resting / getting comfortable • Lack of concentration • Slow response / memory problems • Act silly / combative / aggressive • For a full listing, please visit the NHHS Athletic website for a copy of the consent form

  33. Symptoms of Concussion may include(what the athlete reports) • Headache or dizziness • Nausea or vomiting • Blurred or double vision • Oversensitivity to sound / light / touch • Ringing in the ears • Feeling “foggy” or “groggy”

  34. What if a concussion is suspected? • If an athlete is suspected of having a concussion, he or she must be immediately removed from athletic activity. • Seek medical attention from a healthcare professional trained in management of concussions (Physicians, Licensed Athletic Trainers, etc.) • Continuing to play / work out when experiencing symptoms can lead to worsening symptoms, increased risk of further injury, or even death.

  35. Once I have been cleared by a Physician and an ImPACT test… • Begin a 5 day return to play criteria… • Day 1: Light aerobic activity • Day 2: Moderate aerobic activity – no equipment • Day 3: Non-contact training drills • Day 4: Full contact practice / trainiig • Day 5: Game play • If symptoms occur at any step, activity should cease and the athlete will be re-evaluated.

  36. Other Information…

  37. Please save the date! • Girls’ Sports Banquet: • Thursday November 14th at 6:30pm at Fantasia Banquet Facility • Boys’ Sports Banquet: • Thursday December 4th at 6:30pm at Zandri’sStillwood Inn. • Tomahawk Club and Indian Booster Club will be in contact with sports captains to distribute information and ticket information

  38. Room Assignments • Football: upper theatre • Boys Soccer:Cafe’ • Field Hockey: Main Gym (Visitor side) • Cheerleading (Aux Gym) • Cross Country:Room 125 • Swimming:Main Gym (Home side) • Girls Soccer: Chorus room 120 • Volleyball: Band room 121

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