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Sharon Seffrood

Sharon Seffrood

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Sharon Seffrood

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  1. Sharon Seffrood Design & Artwork Portfolio Please wait for slideshow to begin…

  2. Web Site (home page) In 2004, Forward Wisconsin hired me to maintain and update their Web site. My duties included writing, editing and approving copy, creating graphics and obtaining fresh new photos. The site won an award for excellence from the Mid-America Economic Development Council. During my first year at Forward, I optimized the site for search engines and as a direct result, traffic to this site increased by over 25%. The site was built to attract business to Wisconsin and to provide useful information to a targeted audience.

  3. Brochures My duties at Forward Wisconsin also involved graphic design. The piece to your left was produced for Forward Wisconsin to enhance and promote the business interests of the Midwest Food Processing (MWFPA) industry at their annual Food Processors Convention & Expo. MWFPA hosts an annual convention where experts conduct presentations and seminars related to the industry. The piece below is a work in progress for future shows.

  4. Brochures This was one of the first pieces produced for Forward Wisconsin, in-house. It was targeted to a mass audience of Wisconsin biotechnology companies to help promote the Wisconsin Pavilion booth at the world's largest bio-technology conference in Boston, Massachusetts. About 20,000 representatives from around the world usually attend this event.

  5. Brochures The sponsorship brochure, as seen below, was the second one produced for Forward Wisconsin. This was also created to help promote the Wisconsin Pavilion booth at the 2009 biotechnology conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

  6. Annual Reports This was one of the first annual reports Forward Wisconsin had produced in-house. This piece was distributed to investors and board members. It was also uploaded to the Web site for the general public to view.

  7. Annual Reports This is the second annual report produced for Forward Wisconsin. Printed copies were given to investors and board members. It also appeared on the Forward Wisconsin Web site.

  8. Postcards This postcard was created as a handout for a booth which Forward Wisconsin hosted at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta. As with all its forest products industry marketing efforts, Forward Wisconsin partnered with the DNR Forest Products Unit at this show. Many other Wisconsin companies also exhibited at AWFS.

  9. Postcards This postcard was created to promote Wisconsin's buildings and sites database. Hundreds of copies were printed and handed out to people at various marketing venues such as tradeshows and economic development conferences. As a result, 65 counties joined forces and assigned over 120 users to enter data into this system. The production of this marketing piece and the training of all users who now use this system was completed during my four years at Forward Wisconsin. Over 2,400 commercial and industrial buildings have been in this system.

  10. Web Site (inside page) Promoting interest in Wisconsin’s newest buildings and sites database began with this Web page where I built and mapped out state regions and distributed links to users and site selectors. Since 2005, I have traveled around Wisconsin and trained hundreds of people on how to enter and maintain data in this system. It is one of the most successful systems that the state has ever been able to provide to economic developers and national site selectors.

  11. The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.  ~Emile Zola Sharon Seffrood S9647 Center Street Prairie du Sac, WI 53578 (608) 544-2216 or (608) 206-0945