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A Psychological Study Exploring the Mentality of a Terrorist PowerPoint Presentation
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A Psychological Study Exploring the Mentality of a Terrorist

A Psychological Study Exploring the Mentality of a Terrorist

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A Psychological Study Exploring the Mentality of a Terrorist

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  1. A Terrorist's Mind A Psychological Study Exploring the Mentality of a Terrorist

  2. Warfare of the weak, the recourse of those desperate for a cause that cannot be won with conventional means TERRORISM: Fact: There is no clear terrorist mindset--only proposed profiles Distinct Types of Terrorism: * Regime-state terrorism * State-supported terrorism * Sub-state terrorism * Right-wing terrorism * National separatist terrorism * Religious extremist terrorism * Single-issue terrorism Mind The of a Terrorist

  3. The Terrorist Terrorist Bob -Bob joins because of “Narcissistic injuries” (great lasting damage to self-image and/or self-esteem), which forces this person to seek a new, positive identity “ACCEPTANCE” -A major appeal of fundamentalism is the ability to see the work in BLACK and WHITE terms “Less Confusing Explanation of life” -Suicide bombers are seen as heroes martyrs, and receive financial rewards “Terrorism is a product of its own time and place”

  4. Group Mentality * Members of an underground terrorist group place their group first in their lives, reducing or dropping every other connection --The group comes above everything else-- * The power of “the group” extends into personal and moral judgment --> The group can make violence against the enemy seem not only acceptable but also necessary **Every army strives to link a larger group cause with the small group dynamics that can deliver sacrifice **

  5. Terrorists…. Who are they? What do they want? What do they THINK? Specific Studies:

  6. Ireland The IRA The Irish Republic Army "Remember, we only have to be lucky once. You will have to be lucky always." -Irish Republican Army (1984 statement after a failed assassination attempt on Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher)

  7. The IRA * Created in 1920 when Britain split Ireland up following years of guerilla war. * They believe the protestant majority is suppressing them as Catholics and treating them as second class citizens - separatist group whose goal is to bomb Ireland into unity

  8. Sinn Fein The political wing Sinn Fein seeks: -Redistribution of wealth -Well-being of the aged -Advancement of youth -Liberation of women -Protection of children -Genuine democracy -Equality and Justice at all levels -Lasting unity and peace Sinn Fein is a peaceful organization, but the ideology of the group and its leader Gerry Adams displays a typical terrorist “utopian dream” Terrorist groups still under the IRA: -Real IRA -Continuity IRA Have worked with ETA, PLO, and Colombian narcoterrorists (FARC)

  9. Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)

  10. Overview: -FARC began in 1964 as the militant wing of the Colombian Communist Party -Claimed responsibility for both terrorist acts and guerilla attacks -Deeply rooted in the drug trade -There are approximately 10,000 armed members as well as a large support base within rural areas of Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama

  11. Group Member Profile * Members almost exclusively come from countryside and rural areas * Poorly educated **An estimated 80 percent of members join for financial gain rather than political or ideological**

  12. Group Member Profile: Pedro Antonio Marin FARC founder and commander in chief --He is said to be part of the secret council of the Colombian Communist Party; however, this is debatable due to his lack of education. --Born into a poor family and only received 4 years of elementary education --A charismatic leader who inspires confidence in his followers through his innate sense of military strategy and charismatic speaking skills. **NO Family Connections**

  13. -Influenced by ideology of Karl Marx- Motivations --Originally Wanted to eject the US from Latin American Affairs-- Money is their new goal Current goals have become completely economically based…become more like organized crime than terrorists. THE REALITY:

  14. Revolutionary Organization 17 November * Members are idealists (student uprising in Greece in November 1973 that protested the ruling military junta) * Critical of all U.S. connected Greek officials *Against world power concentrated in the hands of one country (USA..obviously) **Possess a deeper motivation because their overall goal is to change the world to fit their standards**

  15. Revolutionary Organization 17 November Organizations problem: No passive supporters Different kinds of terrorists (older, professors, and priests) Very specific group of supporters (officials who endorse tactical terror)

  16. Revolutionary Organization 17 November Yiotopoulos Anna Ksiros Koufontinas The number of active and passive supporters seems to be waning

  17. Female Terrorists

  18. Female Terrorists…demystifying the myth “Her nails manicured and hair pulled from her face, the Palestinian woman asks that she be called by an Arabic name for a faint star—Suha. She talks about her decision to be a suicide bomber…She is barely 5 feet tall, fair-skinned and pretty, with a quick smile and handshake as she greets a visitor in the West Bank town of Tulkarem. This 30-year-old, college-educated woman in a sweater, dark jeans and clogs is one of the newest and most effective weapons in the Palestinian arsenal.” Leila Khaled, a Palestinian liberation fighter, who successfully hijacked a TWA flight in 1969 was one of the first, and highly romanticized, female terrorists….she was caught a year later trying to steal another plane. -Investigative reporter's description of female terrorist.

  19. The Palestinian Terrorist WHERE: West Bank and Gaza Strip Most lower level Palestinian militants come from refugee camps

  20. Motivation... WHY??? Desperation Humiliation

  21. Motivation... Hatred Religious Fervor

  22. Several Options for Attack • * More religiously motivated militants (from Hamas and Islamic Jihad) favor suicide bombings in populated areas. Suicide Bombings = the most psychologically intense attack * Groups across the board, both religious and secular, target Israeli settlements in the West Bank and military outposts. Cost of Average suicide bombing: $ 150

  23. “Our biggest problem is the hordes of young men who beat on our doors, clamoring to be sent. It is difficult to select only a few. Those whom we turn away return again and again, pestering us, pleading to be accepted” says one Hamas leader. WHO? * The attackers tend to be Arab males between the ages of 15-30. * While it has been rare, a few female attackers have been used * Younger attackers tend to be easier to manipulate It is the result of a cultural atmosphere and nurturing in which martyrs are glorified.

  24. THE END