bong and its long history n.
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Bong and its long history PowerPoint Presentation
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Bong and its long history

Bong and its long history

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Bong and its long history

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  1. Bong and its long history

  2. Happiness and celebration has no boundaries of date, time, day, season, you name it. And when celebration is on, we have to have bong in it. No matter what the place it is, hill or sea or garden or backyard, friends, music and bong or as some call it weed pipe is the must have combination of every party.

  3. By the way Bong is said to be originated from a Thai word baung which actually means a cylindrical wooden tube or pipe cut from the plant of Bamboo. This was being used for smoking by Thai people. How we pick up an invention from different culture and make it global is amazing!

  4. Well, the bong has not just gone global but is witnessing a huge craze among young and adult equally. Be it a Disco, pub, bong parlour, café, it is a part of every hangout joint. This scenario is visible not only in western countries but in Europe and Asia too.

  5. They are available in the market in different colour, design, material patterns attracting classy and quirky customers simultaneously. Among all these bongs, glass pipes are popular for the texture they have and the transparency they carry. Plus glass pipes do not interfere with the flavour of the herbs hence allow users to enjoy an authentic flavour.

  6. This bong or weed pipe is not a new invention, yes we have given it a modern touch but it has been in use since centuries in almost every culture. Greek, Chinese, Indians, Mughals all had bong in their time, with a similar cylindrical structure.

  7. In India it is famously known as Hookah. It was created in the form of which we are familiar today, way back in 15th century when Indians were first introduced to the glass manufacturing. During Ottoman Empire it got popular among royalties of the empire. • Hookah or bong is known around world with different names such as, okka, narghile, shisha, ghalyan etc. Many of these synonyms are of Asian, Middle Eastern and African origin.

  8. In US people tend to call the tobacco or herbs smoked from Glass Pipe as "shisha." But this is an incorrect use of this word. It is actually because of the influence of Middle East countries where people use this word as slang.