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  1. HEARING AIDS Hearing aid is a device that is used by the people having the problem of hearing loss. It consist of microphone, loudspeaker, amplifier and a battery. It increases the volume of sound that enters into your ear. So that you can hear the sound clearly. 您的公司名称写在这里

  2. TYPES OF HEARING AIDS • Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids • Receiver in the ear (RITE) hearing aids • In the ear (ITE) hearing aids • In the canal (ITC) hearing aids • Completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aid

  3. BEHIND THE EAR HEARING AIDS BTE hearing aid consist of two microphones that allows you to listen the sounds in the general vicinity or to focus on the sound that are coming from a particular direction.

  4. RECEIVER IN THE EAR (RITE) HEARING AID RITE hearing aid is similar to BTE but it is wear behind the ear. It is connected by a wire to a receiver located within the ear canal. It is less visible in comparison of BTE.

  5. IN THE EAR (ITE) HEARING AID ITE hearing aid is just like an earmould. It fills just outside area of an ear canal and the opening area of ear canal. The working parts of ITE are inside the shell.

  6. IN THE CANAL HEARING AIDS ITC hearing aid fills the outside area of ear canal. It is visible.

  7. COMPLETELY IN THE CANAL HEARING AID CIC hearing aids are even smaller. It is less visible in comparison of ITE or ITC hearing aids.