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Travel Reimbursement Process ( TRS) AM0574 Revised 07.08.13 Disbursements & Travel Services Disbursements.travel@

Travel Reimbursement Process ( TRS) AM0574 Revised 07.08.13 Disbursements & Travel Services Disbursements.travel@utsa.edu or 458-4213 Presenters: Diana Ollervidez 458-6915 Nora Compean 458-4831 Website: http://www.utsa.edu/financialaffairs/dts/. Purpose .

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Travel Reimbursement Process ( TRS) AM0574 Revised 07.08.13 Disbursements & Travel Services Disbursements.travel@

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  1. Travel Reimbursement Process (TRS) AM0574 Revised 07.08.13 Disbursements & Travel Services Disbursements.travel@utsa.edu or 458-4213 Presenters: Diana Ollervidez 458-6915 Nora Compean 458-4831 Website: http://www.utsa.edu/financialaffairs/dts/

  2. Purpose • UTSA will pay and/or reimburse travel cost incurred while traveling on official University business when it has been authorized. • Travel reimbursement guideline is applicable to: • All employees • Student employees • Student Participants (study abroad, student teaching, internships, practicums, athletes, etc.) • Prospective employees (employment interviews) • Prospective students (recruitment visits) • Consultants (Provide professional services)

  3. Authority • State of Texas Travel Regulations Act • General Appropriations Act • Rules and Regulations of UT System Board of Regents’ • State Comptroller of Public Accounts (Travel Act) • Internal Revenue Service (IRC Rule 162 and various rules) • U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) • UT Systemwide requirements for use of the contracted travel and car rental agencies

  4. Requirements • Travel must be for official UTSA business • Travel must be planned to achieve maximum savings and efficiency • Reimbursable expenses: lodging, transportation, M&IE while in-travel status • Travel must be the lowest cost to the State considering all relevant circumstances • Prior travel approval necessary (RTA/VE5) • Funding must be available for estimated expenses

  5. RTA/VE5 • An approved RTA/VE5 must be in place before departure date and/or any travel arrangements are made: • Encumber total travel cost (transportation, lodging and M&IE) regardless of method of payment • Email DTS inbox disencumberance requests • Process VE6/ Correction to Request to Travel when changes include: traveler’s name, dates of travel, destinations, purpose of travel, traveler type, change encumbrance amount, or trip is cancelled.

  6. Reimbursement Accountability • UTSA follows the IRS rules for an Accountable Plan which allows amounts paid to be non-taxable to the traveler. Amounts paid must meet below criteria: • Authorized travel must have a business connection • Travel expenditures must be substantiated and accounted for within 30 days after travel has been completed • Any advance amount paid in excess must be returned to UTSA within 30 days after travel has been completed

  7. Reimbursement Rates • Allowable per diems are published on GSA website (M&IE and lodging) for domestic travel • GSA incorporates: • U.S. Department of Defense rates for Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories and • U. S. Department of State rates for international travel • Traveler must have an overnight stay • Departments are allowed to reimburse at a lower rate than the published GSA per diem rates Note: Travel must be notified in advance of travel

  8. Reimbursement Rates (cont’d) • Partial per diems (75% of full per diem) on first and last day of travel applicable to domestic travelhttp://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/101518

  9. UT Systemwide Contracted Travel and Car Rental Agencies • Effective May 13th, 2013 travel arrangements must be made through: • Required Travel Agencies: • Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) • Anthony Travel, Inc.(ATI) • Required Car Rental agencies: • Avis/Budget • Enterprise/National • Hertz

  10. Exceptions and Non-Compliance Travel paid by an outside entity Emergency situation (flood, hurricane, etc.) Travel agency is unable to provide an airfare within $100 of a lower fare available from an alternate provider, with apples-to-applies comparison.

  11. Non-Compliance Consequences All travelers are required to use the approved travel agencies and car rental agencies. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the following implications: 1st Violation – Management including VP will be notified. Traveler and travel arranger will receive a reminder along with a copy of the guideline. Attending a travel information training session will be encouraged.

  12. Non-Compliance Consequences (cont’d) 2nd Violation – Management including VP will be notified. Traveler and travel arranger will receive a second reminder along with a copy of the guideline. Prior to future travel, both traveler and travel arranger will be required to attend a travel training class. Traveler will be required to submit a memo to their VP explaining why approved agencies were not used.

  13. Non-Compliance Consequences (cont’d) Further Violations – Management including VP will be notified. Traveler will not be reimbursed for non-compliant trip expenses. Traveler will be suspended from future travel until allowed by the VP. Multiple infractions (three or more) of this policy will be handled by the appropriate VP consistent with progressive disciplinary process.

  14. UTSA Travel Booking Options • Travelers have the option to purchase airfare by contacting full service • Travelers have the option to using the online tool (CONCUR) • If using CONCUR, users may purchase airfare, and make hotel and car rental reservations for both domestic and foreign

  15. UT Systemwide Car Rental (cont’d)

  16. UT Systemwide Car Rental (cont’d)

  17. Travel Agency Management Fee • Monthly management fee will be billed at a VP level for FY13 and FY14 • Billing of management fee will be reassessed by VP areas in FY15

  18. Funding Sources • 19 - Designated Funds (for travel) • 14 - State Appropriated General Funds: • Allow for an advance to be issued for meals and lodging only per the Gov’t Code Section 660.003 Travel Expenses • 26 - Grants & Contracts: requires RSC approval • 30 - Restricted Funds: requires approval from Accounting

  19. Audit Findings on 14 accounts • Tips and taxes must not be included Solution: Provide alternate account number • Lodging rate increases require pre-approval • Solution:Notate in Define pre-approved • amounts and show encumbrance breakdown • Cost savings on TRS form cannot be a negative amount • Solution: Positive amount should reflect a • savings to the State

  20. Funding Sources (cont’d) • Subaccounts used: • 50-For all non-employee/non-student/participant domestic or international (prospective employees and students/consultants) • 60-For all non-employee (prospective employees/consultants domestic or international (14-26 accounts) • 68-Student Athlete travel • 75-Non-student domestic travel • 76-Non-student foreign travel • 77- Student non-athletic team travel • 78-Student athletic team travel

  21. Object Codes:

  22. Cancellation, Lost, Stolen or Fees Incurred due to Travel Changes • A traveler may be reimbursed for: • Change in business needs • Natural disaster • Personal emergency or illness • Note: A justification must be included on the TRS form in the comments section. Submission of original receipts as proof that the cancellation charge has been paid.

  23. Transportation • Mileage rate for personal vehicle use while conducting official University business: • Traveling to and from the airport • Traveling outside of Bexar County • Must be authorized to travel • Traveling within Bexar County

  24. Transportation • Mileage reimbursement is not allowed while conducting official University business if the traveler: • VP/Dean • Base salary has been adjusted to include a car allowance • Receives supplemental pay as a car allowance • Use of car rental • Excludes mileage between UTSA campuses or leased facilities unless approved by the appropriate executive officer as per HOP 4.28 Assignments to Downtown Campus or routine lunches within Bexar County

  25. Transportation (cont’d) • Traveling within Bexar County: • RTA/VE5 is not required • Mileage/parking log for travel required • Can be submitted to Fiscal Services to process reimbursement • Do not attach MapQuest printout • No cap on amount

  26. Transportation (cont’d) • Parking • Reimbursable when attending meetings or training at off-site locations • Event occurs within Bexar County and no additional meal cost included otherwise submit a BEF (Business Expense Form) • Can be reimbursed at Fiscal Services with an approved Mileage/Parking Log • Submit original receipts

  27. Transportation (cont’d) • Rental Vehicles • UT Systemwide contracted car rental agencies: • 1- Enterprise Rent-A-Car • 2- Avis Car Rental • 3- Budget Car Rental • 4- National Car Rental • 5- Hertz • http://www.utsa.edu/financialaffairs/dts/stateContractedVendors.html#carRental

  28. Transportation (cont’d) • UT Systemwide Contracted vendors offer different “Preferred Services” programs to travelers: • Avis Preferred Services • Budget Fast Break • National Emerald Club • Hertz #1 Club Gold • Note: See DTS website for enrollment details

  29. Transportation (cont’d) • Reimbursable Expenses on rental vehicles: • Applicable taxes • GPS Navigation System charges • Gas fill-up service • Insurance charges (for non-State contracted rentals only) • Additional driver if UTSA employee • Submission of original receipt • Note: Always present Motor Vehicle Rental Exemption Certificate: • http://www.utsa.edu/financialaffairs/Forms/details.cfm?form_number=133

  30. Transportation (cont’d) • Non-reimbursable charges for Rental of Vehicles • Failure to use the approved car rental agencies • Expenses incurred for personal use • Insurance charges (for State contracted rentals only) • Additional driver costs (if not UTSA employee)

  31. Transportation (cont’d) • Mass Transit, Taxi or Limousine • (include appropriate tips; submit original receipts) • Bus • Taxi • Subway • Train • Other (limousine, ferry, water taxi, etc.)

  32. Transportation (cont’d) • Commercial Air: • Travelers are entitled to be reimbursed for the actual cost of airfare when purchased through CTP, ATI or Concur • Travelers may use any airline but are encouraged to take advantage of the additional UT System discounts negotiated with American, United, Southwest and Jetblue

  33. Transportation (cont’d) • Purchase of State fares and UT System negotiated discounted fares require the use of the State issued CLIBA or TAC cards • Failure to use the State cards may result in delayed reservations or additional fees imposed by the airlines

  34. Transportation (cont’d) • Benefits in using UT Systemwide Contractedvendors: • Assistance with negotiating restriction waivers, priority wait listing, lower fares, locating lost baggage • Void, refund and exchange tickets • 24-hour emergency travel service • Automatically enroll international travelers in ISOS http://www.internationalsos.com/members_home/login/login.cfm?CFID=1867708&CFTOKEN=18359097

  35. Transportation (cont’d) • Tolls • Reimbursable if paid by a UTSA employee on official UTSA business • Original receipt not required, but expense must be documented on the TRS form

  36. Meals & Incidentals (M&IE) • UTSA adopted the GSA per diem reimbursement rates and are found on the GSA website • Requires overnight travel • Partial per diems are granted on first and last day of travel • Per diem includes incidental cost of $5 • Per diems may be reduced by department • Meal receipts required if per diem rates are exceeded (for domestic and foreign travel)

  37. Lodging • Per diem rates may be found on GSA website • Provide lodging rate increase justification if per diem is exceeded • Lodging expenses incurred the night before official business has started and the night after official business has ended is reimbursable • Original lodging receipt required • If rate exceeds GSA per diem rate, then preapproval is required on 14 accounts

  38. Lodging (cont’d) • Use of State contracted hotels is recommended but not required. • http://portal.cpa.state.tx.us/hotel/hotel_directory/index.cfm • Shared lodging: each traveler is reimbursed for their share of the lodging expense. If the lodging expense is paid by only one of the travelers, then the non-paying traveler’s name and RTA number must be referenced on the TRS form. • Present Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate when checking in. • http://www.utsa.edu/financialaffairs/forms/details.cfm?form_number=56

  39. Lodging (cont’d) • Lodging rate increase justifications: • Safe lodging not available for less than or equal to the maximum lodging reimbursement rate • The official conference/seminar/workshop is held at a hotel with a higher rate • Pre-approval required if using State funds • Other costs avoided (car rental, parking) when paying with State funds (14 accounts) • Increase must be approved by supervisor

  40. Registration Fees: • Reimbursement of conference, seminar, workshop, and training fees • Registration must be associated with an RTA • Submit original receipt as proof of payment

  41. Other Reimbursable Expenses • Shipping charges • Fees related to telephone calls • Baggage charges • Internet usage fees • Business supplies/materials • Note: Original receipts must be submitted.

  42. Other Reimbursable Expenses (cont’d) • Attendant care expenses • Applicable for travelers with disabilities • Travel expenses for prospective employees/students and consultants • Travel expenses for Athletic team and Student group travel

  43. Prospective Employees/Students and Consultants • May be reimbursed for actual cost of meals not to exceed the GSA per diem rate • If UTSA is making the travel arrangements or using a CLIBA card, then use of the travel agencies and car rental agencies is required • If making their own travel arrangements and paying for airfare or car rental expenses out of pocket may use the travel agency, car rental or on-line reservation tool of their choice

  44. Foreign Travel • Use OANDA’s average conversion rates if exchange rate is not listed on receipt(s) • http://www.oanda.com/currency/average • Do not submit OANDA printouts with paperwork • ISOS (International SOS) • http://international.utsa.edu/health-and-safety/international-sos/ • http://international.utsa.edu/images/uploads/International%20SOS%20Instructions.pdf

  45. Travel Reimbursement Settlement: • Process VP5 or VP2 as applicable • Reimbursement will be processed within 7-10 business days upon receiving a correct document • Reimbursement payment method: • Direct deposit (complete Deposit-Non Payroll form) http://www.utsa.edu/financialaffairs/Forms/details.cfm?form_number=16 • Check (picked up in person at DTS/Fiscal Services, mailed or send proxy)

  46. Travel Reimbursement Settlement (cont): • If returning excess travel advance funds to UTSA: • Complete deposit transmittal form and submit to Fiscal Services http://www.utsa.edu/financialaffairs/Forms/details.cfm?form_number=14 • Include name of traveler • Include departmental account number xx-xxxx-xxxx • Include DTN field: e.g. TA4321 (travel advance tracking number issued by DTS) • Include object code: 5371 or appropriate travel expense code

  47. Approvals/Certification • Traveler must certify all expenses are correct and true • Account administrator/Supervisor approval • RSC approval (26 accounts) • Note: TRS forms will be returned if all required approvals have not been obtained. A delay in processing the traveler’s reimbursement may result.

  48. How to Complete the Travel Reimbursement / Settlement (TRS) Form Form revised on 07/08/13

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