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Conference poster

Presenting at Conferences: Preparing Posters Sobhana Daniel School of Child and Youth Care (PhD Program) University of Victoria Third Annual HSD Graduate Student Conference Part I October 2005. Conference poster. popular alternative to papers visual presentation of ideas

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Conference poster

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  1. Presenting at Conferences: Preparing PostersSobhana DanielSchool of Child and Youth Care(PhD Program)University of VictoriaThird Annual HSD Graduate Student Conference Part IOctober 2005

  2. Conference poster • popular alternative to papers • visual presentation of ideas Participants/readers can: • consider information at their own pace • view materials over an extended period of time • engage in detailed discussions with presenter

  3. Considerations Your audience may be: • People who will know what you are talking about • People who may know what you are talking about • People who may have no clue what you are talking about

  4. Conference poster – basic plan • Topic • Audience • Poster shape • Organise poster • Use point form and less color • Figures, tables, pictures • Draft text • Define your main message 30% text 30% graphics 40% empty space ------------------------------ 100% interactive exhibit ------------------------------

  5. hmnnn..? http://www.ncsu.edu/project/posters/NewSite/KnowAudienceAlternatives.html

  6. aha !!! http://www.ncsu.edu/project/posters/NewSite/KnowAudienceAlternatives.html

  7. Compare.. http://www.ncsu.edu/project/posters/NewSite/KnowAudienceAlternatives.html

  8. Compare..

  9. Parts of a poster • Banner • Introduction • Method • Findings • Summary/Conclusion • Further work Note: Including an abstract in the poster is NOT recommended, because a poster is already a concise description the work done. Keep it simple, clear and attractive…

  10. Conference Poster – final plan • Make initial version • Prepare what you will say • Practice with poster (simple & detailed version) • Decide how to print poster • Decide how to take the poster to the venue • Make final version

  11. Shopping list.. • scotch tape • glue • thumb tacks • correction fluid • marker pens • handouts • note pad • pen • ring binder (for materials not being presented but may be required ) • draft of full paper (include name, address, date, conference name) Some things you will need to present your poster

  12. Finally presenting the poster.. • You + poster = team • Welcome audience • Give handouts • Keep track of comments, feedback, questions & concerns Remember to be interactive….

  13. For any conference.. • Plan schedule in advance • Explore where your discipline is headed outside your particular area of interest • Note good questions to ask • Meet new people • Take care of your self • Enjoy!

  14. Thank you! Questions? Comments? Please email: sdaniel@uvic.ca

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