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Online Independent Agents Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Independent Agents Training

Online Independent Agents Training

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Online Independent Agents Training

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  1. Online Independent Agents Training

  2. On behalf of our entire global alive matrix independent agents’ team, we would like to take a moment to welcome you to this online business training

  3. Subjects Watching adsFinancial Reports WithdrawalsForced MatrixBinaryamT BonusGeneral Information 3

  4. Watching ads Your network bonuses replace your ranking bonus as it grows. 4

  5. Watching ads The view ads task for the Ranking Bonus is processed in weekly batches starting on Mondays. Once you have successfully viewed ads for 6 days in one week (between Monday and Sunday), the payment will be available as your Ranking Bonus on the following Monday for you to use immediately – this payment will be matched by a $-for-$ contribution to your Money Box. You need to complete at least 6 days in one week to receive your Ranking Bonus commission. In any week where you don’t complete the 6 days’ viewing, you will still receive full payment for the days worked but that amount will go to your Money Box. If you choose to view ads for 7 days, the seventh day will be paid into your Money Box. All Ranking Bonus payments arising from viewing ads will be matched by a $-for-$ contribution to your Money Box. 5

  6. Watching ads When you join alive matrix it doesn’t matter which day of the week you start viewing ads, you will get paid on a daily basis and the batches will start to count from the second week. 6

  7. Plan Upgrades When you upgrade your plan the 365 days keep running, so the earlier you upgrade the better The monthly purchase value will be adjusted at the moment of your upgrade, so if you are close to the end of the 30 day period make sure you have enough funds for the direct debit for the new value 7

  8. Upgrade and Plan Vouchers 8

  9. Direct Selling Commission Upgrade 9

  10. How to receive your commissions Receive your RPG Debit Card 4 to 6 weeks after you have registered with RPG by opening an account. Issuing fee US$10 (from your plan) Activation fee US$15 10

  11. RPG Transactions fees When doing a transaction on RapidPay Global eg. Wallet to wallet (Fee $2.15) you have to add the amount of the fee if you wish to receive the full amount. Example wallet to wallet (fee $2.50): If I want to receive $30 in my account I need to transfer $32.50Example wallet to bank(fee $4.00): If I want to receive $30 in my account I need to transfer $34.00 11

  12. Forced Matrix Your Regular Monthly Cash Flow 12

  13. Understanding the Forced Matrix • All new agents are placed into a 20X2 Forced Matrix as they arrive • What does that mean? • 2 agents are going to be placed on your level 1, then 4 agents on level 2, 8 on level 3 and so on 13

  14. There is a limit to how many people you can personally invite (directs) to your front line - this is known as a ‘limited matrix’ (limited width), however you can have unlimited directs but they will spillover and be placed into lower levels • The number of levels on which you get paid commissions, is also capped (limited depth) • For example, a 3 x 5 Forced Matrix Plan permits up to 3 directs (frontline independent agents) and commissions are paid up to 5 levels deep 14

  15. Forced Matrix Example (3x5) You Tim Bob Eve Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 15

  16. The Forced Matrix (2x20) - Your team YOU Bob Eve Level 12 agents Level 24 agents Level 38 agents Level 416 agents Level 532 agents 16 Level 18 Level 19 Level 20

  17. What is Spillover? Anyone you invite over your width limit of 2 will drop one level (or more). But they are still your direct team member. Now your sister ‘Eve’ also joins the business - she will be placed in the second empty spot Let’s imagine your brother ‘Bob’ joins the business - he will be placed in your first empty spot 17

  18. Spillover When you invite a third agent ‘Tom’, he will be placed under your brother ‘Bob’. This is an example of spillover. You can also have agents placed under you from your upline – and everyone WINS A direct is an agent you personally invite An indirect is an agent in your team that came from spillover 18

  19. Spillover - Your team YOU Bob Eve Tom Level 12 agents Pat Col Bill Level 24 agents Level 38 agents Level 416 agents Level 532 agents 19 Level 18 Level 19 Level 20

  20. Variety Combo - VC The Variety Combo consists of your monthly purchase that places you in the Forced Matrix and contributes to your money box for the purchase of raffles (coming soon) and advertising subscription vouchers for alma Global Shopping. 20

  21. Forced Matrix Variety Combo - VC Monthly Purchase (USD) Your VC is debited from your am eMoney account in your back office, it is very important that you have enough balance in your account to cover your purchase each month 21

  22. Forced MatrixIllustration In this example we consider you invite 2 new members and they replicate the process Basic Booster The Forced Matrix starts to generate payouts in 30 days when the first VC purchase is made Premium VIP 22 VIP

  23. Compression and Dynamic Compression How do they work? 23

  24. Compression An example of compression is when an agent does not renew their yearly plan... the company may decide to clean the system by excluding inactive positions Bob Kay Eve Tim 24

  25. Compression Bob invited Kay Bob Kay invited Eve Kay Eve Eve invited Tim Tim 25

  26. Compression Bob invited Kay Bob Kay invited EveKay is inactive Kay Eve invited TimEve is inactive Eve Tim 26

  27. Compression Bob is now Tim’s sponsor Bob Bob invited Kay Kay invited Eve Eve invited Tim Tim 27

  28. Dynamic Compression All payments for the Binary and Forced Matrix will look for qualified positions skipping the unqualified ones in order to distribute as much money available in commissions as possible Bob Kay Eve Tim 28

  29. Dynamic Compression Bob invited Kay Bob Kay Kay invited EveKay is unqualified Eve invited TimEve is unqualified Eve $20 Tim 29

  30. Dynamic Compression Bob invited Kay Bob Kay invited EveKay is unqualified $20 Eve’s commission of $20 is now distributed to Bob Eve invited TimEve is unqualified Tim 30

  31. Binary Fast Cash Flow Every time a pair is formed in your team, you earn commission 31

  32. YOU $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 32

  33. Amounts per type of pair When an agent upgrades his plan you receive the difference for the pair formed and also the balance for the direct selling commission and super fast bonus as well. 33

  34. Binary commissions from Upgrades When a plan is upgraded eg from basic ($5 per leg) to booster ($10 per leg), the upgrade is made in real time and is available for withdrawl immediatelly. For upgrade there is no need to form a pair, if only one of the two legs of the pair upgrades the commission is paid. 34

  35. BinaryIllustration Basic This is an example considering you invite 2 new members and they replicate your effort with Booster, Premium or VIP plans Booster Premium VIP 35

  36. amT – Table Bonus $Cash$ You are rewarded as the company grows 36

  37. Introducing the TablesYou start on your table as one of the 4 bronze positions (Pat is your leader – he invited you to the business) When your table is complete, alive matrix pays PAT a Marketing Fee, he follows his leader and everyone advances one level Pat sue mel bob1 You3 You2 You1 37

  38. Table Splits bob2 bob3 lee1 ray3 ray2 lee2 kim1 ray1 Pat $$$ follows his leader Pat sue mel you1 you2 you3 bob1 38

  39. Table Splits easy fun bob2 bob3 lee1 ray3 ray2 lee2 kim1 ray1 Pat $$$ follows his leader Pat sue mel you1 you2 you3 bob1 39

  40. Full Program Overview All amounts in USD Millionaires table (MT) Feeder table Freedom table Entry level table Mid level table 40

  41. Who do my referrals follow?Always Feeder tables 1st - My 3 positions 2nd – My directs in chronoligical order 3rd – My sponsor If they don’t find anyone on the feeder table following these 3 rules they go to my tree and search downline first then upline 41

  42. Where do my referrals land?Always Feeder tables 2 4 3 1 2 4 3 3 4 2 1 42

  43. General (yet important) Information 43

  44. How to be up to date with all company information In order to always have the same information available to everyone, alive matrix has opted to only publish company information in one place - in the ‘Latest Updates’ section of your login area. alive matrix does not have an official Facebook or Twitter account, YouTube channel or any other social media. It is the responsibility of all independent agents to login regularly to their back office to stay updated 44

  45. Adding stores to alma Global Shopping alive matrix provides the platform and will manage all logistical aspects of alma Global Shopping - from administration, accounting, affiliations and client registrations to supplying IT integration, payments, maintenance and more. It is the responsibility of alive matrix independent agents to add stores into the mall. alma Global Shopping will always be under development… it is an ongoing, ever-evolving project. The sky is the limit and our goal is to become a mini 45

  46. alma Global Shopping alive matrix has up to 12 months to deliver the number of clicks (views) for each voucher Bronze: 5,000 ad views Silver: 10,000 ad viewsGold: 25,000 ad viewsDiamond: 50,000 ad viewsThe clicks (views) can come from any country It will take up to 4 weeks after a store has been registered to start to appear on the list of sites to be viewedalive matrix has added the first 40,000 stores, and we have not yet negotiated commissions to be paid from these stores 46

  47. How can you help with the mall? By (purchasing) redirecting 10% of your available balance to support the stores registered on alma Global Shopping (to be re implemented soon) 47

  48. Retail Commission from alma Global Shopping Only for stores where a discount has been negotiated from July 2014 48

  49. General Rules Only agents with an up to date account (Green) are eligible to receive commissions and/or bonuses If the account is not up to date (Red) the agent does not receive commissions and/or bonuses and the payments missed do NOT accumulate Unless your account is green, you will not be able to make a withdrawal 49

  50. General Rules • The alive matrix team will not respond to unnecessary tickets. The primary example of an unnecessary ticket is a question that has already been answered on the alive matrix website, PowerPoints or tutorials. Members can read the entire alive matrix website thoroughly to find answers to their questions. • Tickets are only responded to in English. However the website has translations available and live weekly support is provided via webinar in English, Spanish and Portuguese, this is where you bring your questions. 50