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  1. Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Mongolia(Supported Strategic Commander)Warning Order to Commander, Coalition Task Force “Khokh Chono” (“Blue Wolf”)4 August 03

  2. Situation • Possibility of violations of cease-fire agreement from warring factions • UNSC 1527 approved MNF for PKO lead by Mongolia • Poor preparation for harsh winter in DC camps • TCC forces in home stations ready for deployment • Diplomatic efforts to settle the situation is in progress • Lead nation’s troops ready to deploy

  3. Chief of the GSAF(Supported Strategic Commander)Mission Statement • Government of Mongolia has granted SOFA provisions to MNF participants (diplomatic notes dated 18 Sep 03) • permits MNF forces to deploy to and stage in Mongolia • provisions similar to SOFA with Ayland and Beland • Russian Federation granted over flight rights to MNF aircraft (Dip. Notes 23 Sep 03) • China granted over flight rights to MNF aircraft (Dip. Notes 26 Sep 03) • Fragmentation order (FRAGO)(27 1200H Sep 03) to chief of the GSAF warning order (15 1200H Sep 03): • “Coalition Task force Khokh Chon” to deploy not later than 15 1200H Nov 03

  4. Chief of the GSAF(Supported Strategic Commander)Mission Statement Commander, CTF “Khokh Chono” will form and commence deployment of a multinational task force, no later than 31 Oct 03, to restore peace and security to Ayland and Beland by conducting peacekeeping operations and supporting the humanitarian assistance efforts of the UN and the Ayland and Beland civil authorities.

  5. Chief of the GSAF(Supported Strategic Commander)Intent “My intent is that the CTF secures the borders, separates the forces and restores stability to Ayland and Beland. This means supporting the restoration of law and order, supporting HA/DR efforts and assisting in the combating terrorism campaign. Regarding the disputed oil reserve areas, I want the CTF to prevent future clashes in the disputed area and help set the stage for a negotiated settlement between Ayland and Beland. You are authorized to use all necessary means to accomplish your mission. Finally, the CTF must effectively transition its tasks back to the Ayland and Beland authorities or the follow-on UN PKF as soon as possible“.

  6. Chief of the GSAF(Supported Strategic Commander)Guidance • Deploy forces rapidly into the AO, quickly establishing command, control and communications capabilities to facilitate timely arrival of MNF forces and logistical support. • Create conditions in Ayland to support restoration of law and order. Be prepared to temporarily assure execution of security functions. • Plan to conduct limited CT activities to facilitate HA/DR efforts. Once Ayland authorities fully assume active role, continue to support CT efforts by providing information. • Plan for extreme cold weather operations and effect on CTF forces. Also plan for effects this weather will have on Dislocated Civilians • Facilitate HA/DR operations. • Maintain separation of Ayland and Beland armed forces in disputed area. • Conduct Information Operations in support of the MNF PKO and implementation of the UN mandate. • Ensure transition planning is fully integrated in entire planning effort.

  7. Chief of the GSAF(Supported Strategic Commander)Essential Tasks • Secure the borders, separate the forces and maintain buffer zone. • Provide secure environment in the disputed area (includes detaining, transporting and turning over of lawbreakers to proper authorities • Support reestablishment of law and order • Support HA/DR efforts • Help develop and assist with the CT efforts • Develop and implement Information Operations campaign in support of CTF under the UN mandate • Execute mission handoff to appropriate authorities

  8. Chief of the GSAF(Supported Strategic Commander)CTF PKO End State • CTF-facilitated PK-HA missions successfully transitioned to appropriate authorities (Governments of Ayland and Beland, UN/NGO organizations and UN PKF as appropriate) • Secure and stable environment restored • Immediate disaster related health issues alleviated • Restoration of infrastructure critical to HA efforts substantially completed • Border regime and buffer zone operational and both parties respecting buffer zone; CTF buffer zone duties transitioned to UN PKF; Effective CT measures in place and assumed by appropriate authorities

  9. Coordination instruction • MPAT planners arrived in place and planning for each phase is in progress • Deploy forces in accordance with UNSC resolution period • Review ROE

  10. Intel guidance • Work closely with local administration, people and IOs, NGOs and other HA DR organizations

  11. CMO issues • Focus DC camps conditions • Work closely with medical related local, IOs, NGO and HA/DR organizations • Coordinate Civ-Mil Activities

  12. Logistic issues • Prepare logistic support for MNF • Facilitate framework with advanced MNF teams

  13. SCENARIOSupporting Materials • Background information-Republic of Ayland • UNSG Assessment • Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces, Mongolia Warning Order to CCTF • Consolidated Inter-Agency Appeal for 2003 • SOFA • Proposed ROE • Major UN/NGO Organizations Operating in Ayland • Situation Report (30 Sep 03) • Data Base Information (30 Sep 03) • TCC force data • TCC HA/DR resources • UN/NGO relief agencies • DC Camps • Infrastructure damage