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Total Control CMS PowerPoint Presentation
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Total Control CMS

Total Control CMS

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Total Control CMS

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  1. Total Control CMS A Webinar by PaperStreet

  2. Total Control – A Brief Overview What is a CMS? What is Total Control and what are the benefits of using it?

  3. Logging Into Total Control Please go to Login using the Username and Password we provided you with when we launched your site.

  4. Total Control Landing Page The landing page is what you see when you first log into our system Logi

  5. Content Pages

  6. Total Control Content Landing Page The content tab lists all of your main pages. The content tab also lists your widgets

  7. Total Control Adding Content

  8. Total Control Content Tool Bar The content tool bar helps you control and manipulate the content on your page.

  9. Practice Area Pages

  10. Total Control Practice Areas Landing Page All practice areas listed on your website are displayed here. All

  11. Total Control Practice Areas Page This is where you add a new practice area page or manipulate an existing one. There are few differences between adding practice area content and adding content pages

  12. Office Pages

  13. Total Control Offices Landing Page Click “Add An Office” to add a new office to Total Control. All

  14. Total Control Add An Office Page Fill out the information in the areas below to add a new office to your website. All

  15. Attorney Pages

  16. Total Control Attorneys Landing Page Here you will be able to add or delete the attorneys listed on your website.

  17. Total Control Attorneys Biography Page The attorney biography page is where you will be able to add or edit attorneys pages. To resize your image visit

  18. Blog section

  19. Blog Landing Page The blog landing page is where we will regulate all of your blog posts, categories and tags

  20. Total Control Add Blog Page This is where you will be filling out all of the information needed to make your post successful.

  21. Total Control CMS A Webinar by PaperStreet