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Looking After Your Mattress for a Better Living

A mattress is an important investment that provides better sleep and good health. Follow these tips to keep your mattress healthy and happy.

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Looking After Your Mattress for a Better Living

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  1. Looking After Your Mattress for a Better Living

  2. Bedding is a celebrity of a bedroom and if it's perfect it becomes the star of your bedroom. It not only gives you enough support but uttermost comfort for better living. For a good state of mind and body, the comfort of a bedroom can never be compromised. One such most important thing to be considered is the mattress. A bedroom is never complete without a comforting mattress. A mattress as soft and comforting as a mother’s lap is the best investment one can ever make.

  3. We should religiously pay attention to mattress cleaning to take care of a mattress, which in result do take care of us with devotion. Don’t ruin it due to little carelessness as mattress health is very crucial to keep us healthy. Here are the few tips to be followed for cleaning and caring for an expensive mattress-

  4. Clean often Daily cleaning with a soft brush or a cloth is required to remove any particles and dust away from a mattress. Also, clean it thoroughly every 3 to 6 months with baking soda and vacuum cleaner.

  5. Air drying Occasional air drying is beneficial for a mattress or you can use the traditional cleaning way of sun drying to avoid any moisture accumulation, ugly smells and fungal or mold appearance and it also keep bed bugs at bay.

  6. Regular flipping To avoid a saggy mattress, keep rotating your mattress every month from upside down. This will not let the appearance of valleys due to body weight. Also, use all side of mattress equally to keep it in shape.

  7. Mattress pad Invest in a good quality mattress pad to avoid getting your mattress covered with dust, fibers, hairs, skin flakes, sweat and damage due to spillage. Wash your mattress protector often to keep it clean.

  8. Harsh usage Deal with your mattress softly and avoid harsh activities like jumping too much, to keep it in good shape. Don’t place too many heavy objects over your mattress which can either break its springs or can tear the fabric.

  9. Extra care If you have kids and toddlers around, do regular cleaning of your mattress as kids can catch infections really fast. Also, keep an eye on them as kids do spill and urinate often on the bed. Also, make a regime to clean it immediately if it gets stained or spilled to avoid further damage. Also, don’t allow your pets to sit under or over it to avoid pet’s fur accumulation.

  10. Replacement A mattress in better conditions can stay for 10-12 years and after that, it too needs a replacement. So keep replacing your mattress after 10-12 years for better health. Sleep center is at your service to provide you with the top rated Serta mattress Sacramento and other brands too, that too at affordable price with same day shipping. Also, visit mattress stores Sacramento to have a look at unique furniture pieces.

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