looking after your body n.
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Looking after your body PowerPoint Presentation
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Looking after your body

Looking after your body

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Looking after your body

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  1. Looking after your body Lesson Notes

  2. WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT TODAY? Today we will be talking about looking after our bodies by eating healthily

  3. WHY IS FOOD IMPORTANT? * Food gives us energy for playing and working * Our body uses energy all the time * It is important to eat three meals every day to stay healthy and feeling good

  4. All About Food *The useful parts of food are called nutrients. *Nutrients are used to help our body grow and repair itself.

  5. A Balanced Diet

  6. A healthy diet Sugar and Fat If you eat lots of fatty foods, you might get ______. Eating too much sugar is bad for your ________ and might mean you have __________. If you eat too much sugar instead of other foods, like ________ your diet won’t be balanced. Fruit and Vegetables Fruit and vegetables have lots of __________ in them. You also get most of your __________ from fruit and vegetables. Vitamins are useful for keeping you _____________ and for stopping you getting __________. You get ___________ in fruit and vegetables. They help to keep you healthy. USE THESE WORDS TO HELP YOU fibre health vegetables fat vitamins teeth healthy ill minerals fillings

  7. Foods for activity and growth Answer true if the food helps you grow, false if it does not. milk fish beans chicken sweets Circle the foods that give you energy Answer true if the food gives you energy, false if it does not. vegetables chocolate bread rice

  8. WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO? Working in pairs, design a healthy menu for your new café. Think of a name for your café and several starters, main meals, desserts and drinks. Remember - healthy, nutritious and tasty! Home

  9. INTRODUCTION ØPresent the first two slides of the PowerPoint and read the objective and focus for the lesson ØAsk “What do we mean by healthy eating?” DISCUSSION ØShow the next slide containing the question “Why is food important?” (First animation) Ask children why they think it is important. After discussion, show next three animations ØShow next slide and tell class about nutrients in food ØShow next slide and discuss the importance of a balanced diet TASK ØDisplay next slide and ask children to fill in the blanks on a healthy diet Display next slide and ask children to decide which foods fit into which groups. ØAsk them to work in pairs to produce a healthy, tasty menu for their café. Children to give café a name and create starters, main courses, puddings and drinks ØFor extension children can complete worksheet two Home Looking after your body - Year Four