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How to clean guest room

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How to clean guest room

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  2. What Is Cleaning? Cleaning is the removal of dust,dirt,foreign Matter,tarnish and stain from various surfaces with the aid of certain cleaning agents and equipments.

  3. Principles of Cleaning ●Scrubbing is the best way to physically remove dirt and microorganisms. ●Cleaning product should be selected on the basis of their use, safety and cost. ●Cleaning is required prior to any disinfection process because dirt and another material can decrease the effectiveness of many chemical disinfectants.

  4. ●Dry sweeping, mopping and dusting should be avoided to prevent dust and microorganisms from getting into the air and landing on clean surfaces. ●Cleaning methods and written cleaning scheduleds should be based on the type of surface, amount and type of soil present and the purpose of area. ●Routine cleaning is necessary to maintain a standard of cleanliness.

  5. Cleaning of an occupied room ENTERING THE GUEST ROOM ●Knock the door and announce housekeeping. ●If the guest bids you to enter, ask if you may service the room. In case guest does not want the room ask them time. ●In case there is no answer from the guest then use your key to open it. Make sure that guest is not in the room if present then apologize. ●Upon entering the room,keep the door wide open and position the cart in front of the door. Book Professional Home Cleaning Services in Mumbai

  6. Cleaning the guest room Always clean from higher to lower levels- ● Damp dust the door, cabinets and closets. ● Damp dust the dressing table, drawer and lighting fixtures. ● Clean the mirror. ● Clean lamp shades with clean dusters. ● Clean the carpet and matresss with help of vaccum. ● Clean the bathroom and replenish all the required supplies is also part of guest room cleaning.

  7. Replenish the bedroom supplies if required Making the bed ●Strip the bed. ●Straight the mattress protector. ●Place the bottom sheet. ●Place the top sheet. ●Place the blanket. ●Put the pillowcases on pillows. ●Place the bedspread on bed.

  8. CLEANING THE BATHROOM Start with cleaning the shower walls; start in one corner, top to bottom. Use a soft cloth and blue cleaner on any chrome in the tub. Clean showerhead, leave the showerhead facing the inside shower wall. Clean bathtub walls and floor. Clean the mirror. Fold facial tissue into triangle. Fold the toilet paper into triangles. Replace used towels with fresh once. Mop the floor. Check all electric appliance. Book Bathroom Cleaning Services in Mumbai

  9. CONCLUSION Maintaining high standards of cleanliness is an ongoing and never ending job,and will only happen if we have detail schedule of the task that need to be done, clearly room status and the best room cleaning procedure. Not just that, they have to alret on room inspections and report. As a conclusion every staff has to understand the importance of maintaining these high standards each and every day.

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