what is smo why do you use smo n.
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What Is SMO? Why Do You Use SMO? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Is SMO? Why Do You Use SMO?

What Is SMO? Why Do You Use SMO?

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What Is SMO? Why Do You Use SMO?

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  1. What Is SMO? Why Do You Use SMO? Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a new form of SEO that came into existence after the emergence of social media a few years back. You can call it an alliance between the search engines and social media pages.

  2. Like SEO, it is also aimed at creating the visibility of brand, promoting products, and services but here the media is different. The media includes social media platforms or community pages to create viral publicity. The ultimate goal with the SEO and SMO is same that is to drive traffic to a website. The SMO includes social news, RSS feeds, bookmarking sites, social media sites, and blogging sites. Businesses around the globe are seeing it as a way forward to thrive in the social media ecosystem.

  3. The content is published on the social networking sites and designed to grab the eyeballs and lure people into purchasing services and products. The two key motives of the Social Media Optimization are sharing and engagement. If your content is shared by more people on social media, then that means content is engaging. SMO will increase your online presence and create your strong brand image in the market. It will introduce people to your business and open new markets for your business.

  4. Contact Us Contact No UK: 0-800-014-8581 India: +91-9205058791 USA: 1-888-338-1833 (Toll Free) Online support Website: Corporate Office FB/B-1 Extn, Ground Floor Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi – 110044