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Unit 2

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Unit 2

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  1. Unit 2 Travelling Integrated skills

  2. Free talk: T: What do you like to do when you are free? S1: I like ------------- S2: I Love------------ ---------------------------------------

  3. popular tourist attractions the Great Wall Mount Fuji China Japan

  4. the Leaning Tower of Pisa Italy the Statue of Liberty USA

  5. the Tower Bridge UK the Little Mermaid Denmark


  7. Suzhou (Chinese gardens) Window of the world (a theme park) Lushan (go hiking)

  8. Shanghai (shopping centres) sailing Lianyungang (seaside city)

  9. Pre-listening: Read and GuessTravelling in China I don’t like hot weather, but I like walking I love water sports. aniel I want to visit a theme park. I love Chinese gardens. I love collecting souvenirs

  10. Visiting Chinese gardens Suzhou Hiking Lushan Mountain Sailing Qingdao Swimming Qingdao Visiting a theme park Window of the world in Shenzhen shopping centers Shopping in Shanghai back

  11. While-listening:Travel to China Summer Spring Autumn Winter


  13. Places to visit in China: Millie should go ____in Lushan Mountain in ______. There may be some rain but the weather is nice at that time. She can also go there in ________. Daniel should travel to _______. He can visit the theme park there. One of the theme parks he cango to is ____________________. Simon loves water sports. In _____,he can go sailing and _______ in ________. Amy loves Chinese gardens very much. She can go to ______. ______is the best time for ______. Kitty can visit Shanghai in any season because she loves ______.She can go to the _____________ in Shanghai all year round. hiking spring autumn Shenzhen Window of the World summer swimming Qingdao Visiting Chinese gardens Suzhou Spring shopping shopping centres

  14. Speak up: Holiday plan May Day is coming and it’s a good season for travelling. Simon and Amy are talking about their holiday plan. Let’s listen to the tape and answer the following questions. 1.Where will Amy go ? 2.Why has Amy’s father gone to Singapore? 3.How is Singapore? 4.How long does Amy want to stay there? Singapore For a meeting. Nice and clean. About five days.

  15. Speak up: Holiday Plan Where do you want to go? When will you stay there? Who will you go there? How will you go there? What will you do there? Don’t forget oral English: Really/ What about …? / Do you have any idea about…? / I really like…

  16. Languae points go hiking • 去徒步旅行 • 到北京旅行 • 主题公园之一 • 春天是旅游的最佳时间 • 在任何季节 • 全年 • 替某人检查某物 • 飞往上海 travel to Beijing one of the theme parks Spring is the best time for travelling. Spring is the best time to travel. in any season all year round check sth. for sb. fly to Shanghai

  17. 当堂反馈 took 一、用所给单词的正确形式填空。 • When I visited Suzhou, I ____ (take) many photos. • My father isn’t at home. He _______ (go) to Shanghai. • Look! The girl _________ (draw) an apple. • I saw many children ______(play) football on the playground when I passed there. • How _____ you usually _____(go) to work ? • The man always ______ (take) off his shoes and threw them on the floor. • Lushan Mountain is a good place for _______ (hike). • Where ______you _____ (be) these days? has gone is drawing playing do go took hiking have been

  18. 二、根据汉语提示完成句子。 hiking so • Millie 是如此喜欢徒步旅行以至于她今年夏天将徒步到庐山去旅游。 Millie likes going _____ ______ much that she will travel to Lushan Mountain this summer on foot. • 我能询问有关到青岛、大连一线全包旅行的信息吗? Can I have ______ ______________about the package trip to Qingdao and Dalian ? • 学生们在过去3年里学了约2200个单词。 The students _____ _________ (learn) about 2200 English words in the past three years. 4.他可以去的主题公园之一就是“世界之窗”。 One of the theme_____ he can go is Window of the World. some information learned have parks

  19. Homework Travelling 2. Design a holiday plan in groups and write a report. • Assement Book: III,IV & V * Written work

  20. Travelling is a good way to relax! Enjoy travellying! Enjoy life!

  21. Thanks for staying with us!