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Syria Uprising

Syria Uprising

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Syria Uprising

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  1. Syria Uprising By: Wojciech Piwowarczyk

  2. Quick Facts • Full name: The Syrian Arab Republic • Population: 20.7 million • Capital: Damascus • Area: 185,180 sq km (71,498 sq miles) • Major language: Arabic • Major religions: Islam, Christianity • Life expectancy: 74 years (men), 78 years (women) • Main exports: Oil, gas

  3. Overview • For over forty years, Syrians have lived under fear, oppression, and terror. • The ruling party of Syria is the Ba’ath Party. The President is Bashar al-Assad. • In 1982 there was a massacre on the streets of Hama led by the President Hafez al-Assad (the current presidents father) to stop a rebellion. An estimated 20,000 people were killed.

  4. Why Revolt? • Since the massacre, more suppression has been used to rule the country. • Freedom of speech was increasingly limited. If you spoke out against the regime you could be put to jail or even worse. • Social media has been blocked(No Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)

  5. How it All Started • Inspired by the protests in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya on March 19, 2011 Syrian’s finally revolted on the streets of Daraa. Thousands protested and held up pictures of the President screaming for their basic right “freedom” • The regime showed no mercy. Officials tortured children, raped women, and many people were killed. • Security forces also used tanks, gunfire, and mass arrests to extinguish the protesters. • The President announced “state of emergency” which means that they can detain anyone that they considered a threat for an indefinite period of time without bringing up any charges. • This day escalated the uprising to an all out Civil War!


  7. The Effects • Since the government is using physical force, so are the rebels. Rebels put down their protest flags and grabbed guns. • On the streets of cities like Aleppo, Daraa, and Damascus death has become normal. • Also more than 15,000 Syrian’s have fled to Turkey seeking refuge.

  8. Why do you think the Syrians have not liberated themselves yet?

  9. It’s because Islamic groups have jumped in the frontline with the rebels. For example an Al-Qaeda-linked group named Nusra Front has disrupted the unity of the rebels. • They not only kill government officials but they kill harmless bystanders. • "We had one revolution and one revolutionary flag. But when we started getting weapons, when the Nusra Front came here, divisions started emerging between the people." -Abu Mariam • How are they suppose to liberate themselves when they are fighting against each other as well?!