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2008 SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS PowerPoint Presentation
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  2. TITLE • Direction of install & commission • Key parts of outdoor unit • Commission pre-check • Commission • 5. Commission criterion • 6. Trouble shooting use S-net

  3. 1. Direction of install & commission 1.1 Compatibility of outdoor and indoor unit 1.2 Check of outdoor pipe working 1.3 HR installation check

  4. DVM PLUS III must be combined with AVX *** EE indoor units DVM PLUS III can not combined with DVM PLUS II AVX *** EA, EB series indoor units 1.1 Outdoor and indoor compatibility AVX *** EE AVX *** EA AVX *** EB

  5. Requirements of outdoor pipe working When the outdoor unit is installed with combination, outdoor joints always should be installed horizontally Min. 10cm Min. 30cm 1.2 Check of outdoor pipe working Should be applied all pipes Not allow Vertical installation

  6. Requirements of outdoor pipe working Should be applied u-trap as below when the combined two units distance over 2meters. Over 2meter Height 200~300mm Only for Gas pipe (HR low pressure gas pipe) With in 1m from the unit 1.2 Check of outdoor pipe working

  7. Requirements of outdoor pipe working In the case of there is height difference among outdoor units Do not need to install U-trap, when the unit located in the height position Need to install U-trap when the unit located in the lowest position 1.2 Check of outdoor pipe working

  8. Summary of outdoor unit plumbing key points 1.2 Check of outdoor pipe working

  9. Summary of outdoor unit plumbing key points 1.2 Check of outdoor pipe working

  10. MCU should be installed proper location that MCU working nose do not affect user’s comfort Among outdoor unit and MCU 3pipes should not be crossed install Need to charge additional refrigerant: 0.5kg each MCU Liquid Liquid Low gas Low gas High Gas 1.3 HR installation check Liquid Low gas High gas Low gas High gas Liquid

  11. 2. Key parts of outdoor unit 2.1 Out door appearance 2.2 Control Box 2.3 Refrigerant pipe (HR) 2.4 Refrigerant pipe (HP)

  12. MAGNET SWITCH CT sensor PCB Outdoor FAN BLDC FAN MOTOR Discharge guard FAN GUARD MAIN PCB Oil balance S/valve Liquid S/valve Power/Communication Terminal BLDC driver Fixed compressor Oil balance valve and sensor Refrigerant pipe Oil separator Accumulator valves High pressure S/valve Low pressure S/valve DIGITAL compressor 2.1 Outdoor appearance FAN MOTOR part Refrigerant pipe part Pressure and temp. sensor CONTROL BOX Service valve part COMP & oil balance

  13. CONTROL BOX 2.2 CONTROL BOX Transmitter Ass’y MAIN PCB CT sensor PCB BLDC driver MAGNET S/W FILTER PCB Power terminal Comm. terminal

  14. MAIN PCB 2.2 CONTROL BOX MICOM 7-SEG’ LED BLDC connector Comm. circuit DOWN LOAD TACT S/W Detect 3phs Power EEV port Option setting Sensor port Valve port 220V input CT sensor

  15. MAIN PCB – DC part 2.2 CONTROL BOX 20 6 3 4 1 5 2 19 7 8 18 15,16,17 12,13,14 11 10 9

  16. MAIN PCB – AC part 2.2 CONTROL BOX 1 15 14 13 12 11 10 6 9 8 7 5 4 3 2

  17. BLDC PCB 2.2 CONTROL BOX 6 1 2 3 4 5

  18. FILTER PCB & CT sensor PCB 2.2 CONTROL BOX 3 1 2 4

  19. 2.6 Others 2.2 CONTROL BOX 1 6 4 3 2 5

  20. Refrigerant pipe 5 4 3 6 2 7 8 1 2.3 Refrigerant pipe (HR)

  21. Refrigerant pipe 2.3 Refrigerant pipe (HR) 4 3 2 6 5 1 7

  22. Compressor and service valve part 4 5 3 1 6 7 9 8 2 2.3 Refrigerant pipe (HR)

  23. Refrigerant pipe parts 2.3 Refrigerant pipe (HR) 9 10 14 15 7 12 5 11 3 1 13 8 2 4 6

  24. Compressor and service valve 2.4 Refrigerant pipe (HP) 7 6 8 9 4 2 10 1 5 3 11 12

  25. 3. Commission pre-check 3.1 Commission procedure 3.2 Power on and communication check 3.3 S-net set-up 3.4 Mi-com upload (If necessary)

  26. Commission of HR Installation check S-net 1+ set-up Mi-com upload if necessary Cool mode commission Power on Save S-net Data Commission report Finish commission Run Refrigerant amount judge mode Run pipe crossing check mode 3.1 Commission procedure Prepare commission commission Judge commission Prepare pre-check Sheet Explain to customer Heat mode commission • Outdoor unit, indoor unit and pipe working check following by check sheet. • If there are existed failed parts, It should be modified before commission • Commission as follow Cool/heat commission mode and acquire S-net data. • It should be done plumbing check mode for HR unit. • Explain to the customer

  27. Power on 3.2 Power on and communication check Indoor and outdoor Should be check electronic wire connection status before power on, especially RST and N connection in main power, and power on 6hrs before for commission Indoor and MCU: 2wires(220V) c/breaker ON Outdoor:4wires(380V) c/breaker ON Power check Check input outdoor unit voltage use voltage checker: (R-S/S-T/T-R-380V, R-N-220V) Indoor unit voltage: 220V [ Communication check in MAIN unit ] Communication check There is no communication error you can see Ch on the PCB display [ CH display on the PCB ]

  28. S-net connection 3.3 S-net set-up Serial type laptop USB type laptop USB port connection Converter power (Mouse port) SERIAL port connection Communication connect (F1,F2) Communication connect (F1,F2) Communicaion(F1,F2) : Connect with out door unit or indoor unit terminal block USB driver should be installed for USB type S-NET 1+ Do not need to power supply for USB type converter

  29. Running s-net 3.3 S-net set-up Running S-net 1+ Input site information Main picture of S-net 1+ Running S-Net 1+ (program version: 3.33.40) Input site information

  30. System set-up 3.3 S-net set-up Choose outdoor unit type Choose com port Com port set-up error Choose DVM Plus III unit type Choose proper port, Baud rate to 9600bPs If there are wrong set-up on port and baud rate, then snet1+ can not work properly.

  31. Snet 1+ log on status check 3.3 S-net set-up Select pc -> set And click Connect Looking indoor and outdoot units install status display If snet1+ log on OK, then there are display ODU/IDU data on the screen Otherwise change com port and Baud rate setup and try again.

  32. Unit controller and display data MCU DATA : Only for HR type unit 3.3 S-net set up Indoor unit controller at Tool Indoor unit cycle data

  33. Snet data back up Select setting at Backup Chick OK Default back up folder C:\Program files\Samsung\Snetplus\Backup 3.3 S-net set up

  34. Check back up data status Indoor, Outdoor cycle data back up as Excel type file 3.3 S-net set up Defaulted built up folder at C:\Program Files\Samsung\SnetIplus\Backup As follow data back up stating time

  35. Communication data back up IF want to communication data back-up for data simulation Click tool >comm.Viewer 3.3 S-net set up

  36. Communication data back up Click Viewer start button then there are display communication data Click back up sim. file start button => data file saved at C:\Program Files\Samsung\SnetIplus \Backup folder as txt form file 3.3 S-net set up

  37. View communication back up data in simulation mode Click file open button Select rawdata that want to simulation Select simulation Click Connect 3.3 S-net set up 3 4 2 1 Adjusting Simulation speed Ex) 3 →3times speed

  38. View communication back up data in simulation mode 3.3 S-net set up Simulation that saved while commission

  39. System mi-com version information 3.3 S-net set up If you want to check outdoor and indoor units mi-com version, then click H/W info .

  40. Connect converter to laptop laptop connect with upload converter SERIAL port wire PCB connector Upload converter 3.4 Mi-com upload if necessary SERIAL PORT laptop

  41. Mi-com upload procedure 3.4 Mi-com upload if necessary 1. Outdoor PCB power off 2. Hookup upload connector and power on 3. Separate connector from PCB CN 91 Main Reassembly Separate connector • Separate connector from PCB as above picture then PCB power can be blocked • Hookup converter upload connector to the outdoor PCB for mi-com upload • Assembly power connector to • the outdoor PCB for POWER ON • Do mi-com upload • Separate connector from PCB after mi-com upload then reassembly


  43. Basic set-up Select com port, speed, unit type (indoor or outdoor) that need to be uploaded 3.4 Mi-com upload if necessary COM PORT should be set up that the converter hooked up, speed always select 1152000bps.

  44. Select upload law file from the folder Select proper law file (DB-XXXXA.hex) by click Select File. Law file should be acquired before Click Download 3.4 Mi-com upload if necessary 2 1

  45. Conform upload status While uploading there is indicated uploading status as below There is displayed a message that upload finished successfully. 3.4 Mi-com upload if necessary

  46. When failed upload Check wire connection and setup status then try again Still display as like below then check upload converter and wire status 3.4 Mi-com upload if necessary

  47. 4. commission 4.1 commission key mode 4.2 main check items and check sheet 4.3 fill out installation information

  48. 4.1 Commission key-mode As follow commission key-mode, please push proper button on the outdoor PCB Push K3 button can stop commission Save snet data Print screen each after 30min and 1hour Acquire S-net raw data by data back up function For HR unit, it should be performed plumbing cross check function mode before commission. K1 K2 K2 K2

  49. Outdoor and indoor unit check sheet Check by following check sheet, if there exist NG part. It should be properly modified 4.2 Main check items and check sheet 사전 점검 Need to check outdoor/indoor/controller function check Main check point • Out door check • Indoor check • In/out door power check • Controller check

  50. Individual run of indoor unit and fill out installation card 4.3 Fill out installation information card 1 < Individual run > Check each in door unit by individual run • Check EEV close that stopped unit • Plumbing cross check for EEV KIT • Stop commission mode and run individually by remote controller • After 30min., save SNET DATA 2 < installation card > Fill out installation information card • card that attached in control box area • Fill out Installer information • Plumbing length, extra charged refrigerant amount etc. 3 < Finish commission >