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Change in Drug Use Pattern Sees More US Women Switch to Heroin from Opioids PowerPoint Presentation
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Change in Drug Use Pattern Sees More US Women Switch to Heroin from Opioids

Change in Drug Use Pattern Sees More US Women Switch to Heroin from Opioids

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Change in Drug Use Pattern Sees More US Women Switch to Heroin from Opioids

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  1. Change Change in in Drug Use Pattern Sees More Drug Use Pattern Sees More US US Women Switch Women Switch to to Heroin Heroin from from Opioids Opioids While alcohol has been the most commonly abused substance by women in the United States until now, benzodiazepines and amphetamines had followed in close pursuit. However, in the last couple of decades, there has been a steady rise in the prevalence of heroin addiction among women. This presents a completely new face of heroin abuse. More recently, statistics show that women are bridging the gap in addiction to substances as seen in men. This phenomenon is not unique to only one addictive drug, but also encompasses cocaine, methamphetamine, synthetic drugs, etc. that are being increasingly abused by a higher proportion of women population. The epidemic of opioid and heroin abuse has been ravaging the country in such a manner that even women are not untouched by it. The consumption of illicit substances causes health consequences an overdose even results in Considering the fact that women more vulnerable to the effects of drugs like heroin due to social and biological reasons, increase in heroin addiction women is a warning bell for all. adverse and death. are the among Getting one’s hands on heroin was not always as easy as it is now. In the past, a person had to traverse through dark alleys in poor neighborhoods to acquire heroin. But with the changing drug culture, heroin and other illicit substances are comparatively easily available in suburbs, schools and even in urban streets. The drug has now found its position in the urban population, especially among young women. Cause and effect of taking prescription drugs One of the primary reasons behind the rise in heroin abuse is increased consumption of prescription drugs, especially painkillers. Like any opioid painkiller, heroin also induces the feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. However, the abuse of prescription drugs, especially painkillers, has historically dwarfed heroin use at every step, more so in women. The contemporary research on prescription opioid painkillers and addiction demonstrates that women are more likely to approach a

  2. doctor than men when they have health concerns. As a result, they are also more likely to be prescribed prescription drugs than men, which can result in increased dependence on such drugs. Evidence suggest that women are prescribed opioid painkillers twice as often as men. In case of the absence of such painkillers, women tend to resort to inexpensive and easily available heroin. Since the rate of developing an addiction is faster among women, they stand more vulnerable to the consequences of heroin. When the federal government enforced strict guidelines and control on writing prescription medications, as well as their distribution and supply, women dependent on them felt the brunt. As a result, many women took to the streets to scout for prescription painkillers, yielding to heroin and similar drugs due to the wide difference between street prices and official cost. As procuring prescription drugs became harder, many entertained the notion of using heroin displaying the characteristics akin to opioid painkillers. Though not all women transitioned to heroin use from prescription drugs, it did play an important role in widening heroin addiction and health complications. Considering the fact that the practice of polydrug abuse or combining drugs with alcohol is quite prevalent, one should be aware that heroin, when mixed with other illicit substances, becomes extremely dangerous for consumption. Women who get hooked on heroin also risk contracting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis C by sharing needles. Pregnant women who continue to abuse heroin gamble with the life of their unborn child by increasing the risk of developing birth defects and lifelong cognitive impairment in him or her. Don’t make drug use second nature Unfortunately, women also face a unique set of barriers that prevent them from receiving the treatment they require. The stigma attached to drug abuse can prevent them from reaching out for help. The society continues to level harsher criticisms on the women suffering from an addiction than on men. On the other hand, mothers continue to keep quiet about their addiction due to the fear of losing the custody of their children. Moreover, they may also be imprisoned in an abusive relationship that significantly reduces their access to treatment. Since heroin is a dangerous drug that requires immediate attention, the rise in the rate of heroin addiction among women is a major matter of concern that needs to be effectively addressed before more lives are lost. Heroin addiction has led to a serious drug crisis among both men and women. Sovereign Health of Arizona offers a reputed women's recovery center in Chandler that specializes in providing evidence-based intervention plans to support a woman’s holistic recovery. Call at our 24/7 helpline number (866) 696-8645 to know more about the individualized addiction treatment programs beingprovided in our women only rehab in Arizona.