discus throw game and rules to be followed n.
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Discus Throw game and rules to be followed PowerPoint Presentation
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Discus Throw game and rules to be followed

Discus Throw game and rules to be followed

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Discus Throw game and rules to be followed

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  1. Discus Throw game and rules to be followed

  2. Track and field gears are very important for sports and fitness. In general track and field events are isolated into two groups one is track and the other one is field group. • Under the track group the events held are running, hurdling, whereas the field group includes jumping, vaulting and throwing events. • All together track and field sports comprises marathon race vaulting, foot racing, jumping, relays, hurdling, shot put, discus throw and hammer throw. Spaced out from this, they need objects with different weights.

  3. To play any of these events you need to have gears i.e. proper equipments only with the help of athletic gear the events are possible. • The ability and balance is also equally significant. It has to be generated with high speed and power. The chest, muscles, and shoulders are the primary importance for the final acceleration of throwing. The power position is beneficial to facilitate the optimal throw.

  4. Discuss throw:  A disc is the main equipment in discuss throw. Discus throw is one of the best Olympic Games. Contestants need to throw the disc at a long distance. • There are rules and techniques which are to be followed. It is a game which is iconic in Olympic sports. The heavy lenticular disc is used which is to be thrown.

  5. Men and women can take part in this game as the disc weight differs for both of them. • The weight for the men is 2 kilograms with measurement of 220 mm or 8.66 inches as compared to women which is of 1 kg weight along with a measurement of 181 mm or 7.17. • Rule for Discus Throw:  The discus throw is a field event. It should be maintained properly. • A player should be safe when throwing the disc. The disc should be thrown at a speed of around 25 meters per second.

  6. There should be no threats for the players which will result in rebounding. The shape of the cage should be ‘U’ as regard to the rules. The width for mouth of the cage should be around 6 meters and 7 meters in front of the middle of the throwing circle.

  7. The height of the netting panels at a lowest point should be of minimum 4 meters. This netting can be made up of synthetic fiber or mid or high tensile steel wire. • The rules are very important when it comes to this game. The discus can be thrown only when the player is inside the circle which has a diameter of 2.5 meters. • When the players attempt to throw the disc, they are restricted to touch the top of the metal rim. Before the disk could touch the ground, the player is not permitted to step out of the given circle.

  8. If they do so, it is considered as foul or disqualified. Usually a player is given 8 chances to throw and best of them is recorded. If the disc lands outside the given area, then it is considered invalid.