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Benefits of Playing Chess PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of Playing Chess

Benefits of Playing Chess

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Benefits of Playing Chess

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  1. Benefits of Playing Chess

  2. To benefit from a physical workout, it is important for you to exercise both the left and right sides of your body. Research says that if you wish to play chess well, you must develop and utilize his or her brain’s left hemisphere. Playing chess results in giving ideal exercise and develop your brain. Exercises Your Brain

  3. Learning and playing chess tends to stimulate the growth of dendrites, which boosts the speed and enhances the quality of neural communication of your brain. Moreover, it also improves the performance of your brain. The new concept of chess computer also is something you should try. Grows Dendrites

  4. Research says that keeping the brain functioning at a normal rate, especially with a mind exercising activity, reduces your risk for Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and anxiety. What better than playing chess, to keep your brain away from a disease. Lowers the Risk of Alzheimer’s

  5. No matter how old you are, playing chess will contribute majorly in building your self-esteem. Playing and analysing why you lost or won a game triggers your thinking capabilities, mental strength and self-confidence. Playing chess online also helps you a lot. Builds Confidence

  6. According to the studies, playing chess betters thinking, problem-solving, reading, and math scores. Educators and chess experts have agreed to the fact that chess is a game you can play at any age and still love the thrill that it brings along. Improves Child’s Problem-Solving Skills

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