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San Francisco Startup Videos PowerPoint Presentation
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San Francisco Startup Videos

San Francisco Startup Videos

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San Francisco Startup Videos

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  1. Why Your Company Needs A Startup Video A visual form of communication is usually what the human brain is hardwired to recognize. Most people are quick react to motions and visuals when skimming through webpages for information, and this is where startup videos come in. For the last couple of years, many companies have been adopting the use of startup videos to increase their web traffic and to explain the services they offer. Startup videos are particularly great for companies that are launching new services, apps or products. Startup videos basically appear on the homepage so as to give the site's visitors a pleasant and quick explanation about the site, services and products. When a startup video is well made, it can be extremely efficient since it's educational, short, and entertaining, thus keeping the visitor's attention. San Francisco startup videos have recently boomed in popularity because of their effectiveness and affordability. Envy Creative startup videos in San Francisco give you the opportunity to effectively interact with your clients by letting them to know more about you and your company, which in turn makes them feel more comfortable with you. Below are some of the reasons why your company needs a start up video; 1. Simplifies Introducing Your Services and Products 
Visual content is much more memorable and quite catchy, thus simplifies the overall process of explaining exactly what your company does, and the products and services you offer. Startup videos are particularly helpful if you've got a complicated service or product. Most web users usually do not have much time, and are quite easily distracted given the tons of information on the web. A startup video will catch their attention, and it usually demands less energy to view it, furthermore, a startup video provides much more information in a much shorter time span. 2. Increases Conversion Rates 
Startup videos San Francisco are very convincing meaning they can easily increase the overall ROI of your website. Envy Creative produces startup videos with engaging visuals and a solid script, that can capture the audiences' attention and make them get interested in your products/services immediately. In addition, startup videos can contain a call to action at the end. The video can contain a call to action, details of the

  2. discount offered, and other benefits of the product/services; this can easily convince the visitor to purchase your product/service. 3. Boosts Your Marketing Campaign
 When someone watches your startup video, they tend to stay much longer on your website. This in turn helps your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, since search engines such as Bing and Google will consider your site of interest, and then rank it much higher on the users’ searches, hence making it much easier for more web users to find your site and your video. 4. Higher Ranking on the Search Engines 
Websites which only have endless pages of plain texts usually rank low in the search engines, and this means much less exposure. In addition, lack of a startup video might also scare away potential customers who basically want to understand your products quickly, and maybe buy them right there and then. A good startup video will help in making your site rank higher while also getting the web users' attention. 5. Increases Traffic
 A startup video can go viral which in turn means more awareness for your brand or business, which results in more web traffic for your site. A viral video is usually one that seems to pop up out of the blues, and instantly gets massive views in a just a short period of time. A startup video can go viral which can in turn result in massive traffic to your site. 6. Showcases Your Personality 
One of the things that makes a customer, a repeat/loyal customer, is your personality. It's important for a customer to be able to easily put a face, to your brand or name. The use of characters, colors and backgrounds on a custom startup video, gives you the chance of connecting with your customers on a more personal level, and lets you show that you really do understand them, and that your services and products have been specially designed to meet their specific needs. A well made startup video will help you connect with your potential customers by explaining exactly what your business can and will do for them, and why they need to choose you, over your competitors.

  3. Conclusion 
Apart from boosting your sales, gaining awareness for your business or brand, and explaining your services and products successfully, there are many more benefits of using startup videos. Make a startup video for your company today, and start reaping the many benefits they offer. Please contact us for more information on Envy Creative at, a San Francisco Startup Video Company.