why is stem education important in elementary n.
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Why is STEM Education Important in Elementary Schools? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why is STEM Education Important in Elementary Schools?

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Why is STEM Education Important in Elementary Schools?

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Why is STEM Education Important in Elementary Schools?

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  1. Why is STEM Education Important in Elementary Schools? As a nation which is striving to compete globally, India lacks in key STEM skills – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to prove its mettle. This is one segment of education where students fall behind the industrialized countries. Indian education system has recognized this shortcoming and with support from the government, it is now taking initiatives to incorporate STEM subjects across all curricula. This rather modern education system exposes students to innovation through practical learning methodologies. STEM subjects primarily focus on project based learning through real life applications of learnt concepts. Creativity sparks innovative thinking in students and when they get engaged in project based learning – a common practice in STEM – they come across opportunities for real growth and development. Skills acquired through this approach remain with them forever and they evolve as a creative person in life. With this realization, STEM education in India is gaining momentum and schools are considering to establish a lab for the future development of their students. When a group of students start working on a project to create something functional, they talk to each other, apply their concepts and ask questions to obtain

  2. the desired result. Teachers give the guidance and students apply their logic and knowledge to explore more, experiment something new and solve problems efficiently. STEM lab in elementary schools open doors for students to build a strong foundation in subjects which lead to innovation – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Acquiring skills in these subjects, students go on to become a critical player in the nation’s global competitiveness as well as economic growth. In elementary schools, STEM subjects can foster critical thinking and provide them an academic edge. With STEM labs, they can provide a competitive environment to nurture young minds for innovation. Industry players like StemBridge Labs works with the government to help promote STEM education for schools by providing all the facilities to establish a lab. Through their efforts and initiative, they are playing a key role in creating the next generation of global thinkers. Their efforts will definitely place India among the most innovative countries. Explore opportunity for your kids with Stembridge Labs. Content Source: http://stembridgelabs.com/blog/why-is-stem-education-important-in-elementary- schools/