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Frequency Synthesizers - The Key to Enhanced Communication PowerPoint Presentation
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Frequency Synthesizers - The Key to Enhanced Communication

Frequency Synthesizers - The Key to Enhanced Communication

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Frequency Synthesizers - The Key to Enhanced Communication

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  1. Frequency Synthesizer Market Frequency Synthesizer Market

  2. Global Frequency Synthesizer Market High sales of smartphones and wearable devices, rising government spending on military equipment, and increasing use of wireless technology are driving the frequency synthesizer market growth across the globe. Having generated revenue of $837.8 million in 2017, the market is now expected to advance at a CAGR of 6.8% during the forecast period 2018–2023. Frequency synthesizers create a range of frequencies by dividing or multiplying the base frequency and are widely used in communication devices for providing a stable radio frequency source for enhanced communication. In this regard, two of the largest manufacturers of smartphone chips in the world, Samsung and Intel, are already working toward increasing their acquisition of frequency synthesizers for integration in their devices. The domain’s growth will further be complemented by the rising sales of wearable connected devices, such as fitness bands. Increased focus on enhancing military communication is also driving the frequency synthesizer market. Of the two frequency synthesizer types — analog and digital — analog frequency synthesizers dominated the market in 2017 with 74% revenue share. Guided missiles, navigation systems, and radars depend on frequency synthesizers for communication. Request Sample Copy of Report: Hence, it can be said that the need for enhanced communication in smartphones and military equipment, especially in the APAC region, will help take the global frequency synthesizer industry forward. Global Frequency Synthesizer Market Segmentation Market Segmentation by Type • • Analog Digital Market Segmentation by Component • • • • • Phase detectors Loop filters Oscillators Mixers Dividers 2 © P&S Intelligence. All rights reserved

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