deposition n.
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  1. DEPOSITION Mr. DeMarco

  2. Deposition: -Process by which sediments are released or dropped from an erosional system.

  3. Deposition occurs when the velocity of the water decreases. *This occurs when the stream or river flows into a larger body of water.

  4. Characteristics of the sediments: SIZE SHAPE DENSITY

  5. SIZE Larger particles will settle out first. Dissolved materials may remain in solution. 1st Last

  6. SHAPE Spherical sediments settle out first, while flatter sediments will settle out last. last 1st

  7. DENSITY Higher density sediments settle out first. 1st last GOLD ALUMINUM

  8. THREE TYPES OF SORTING: What is sorting?

  9. Sorting of Sediments Vertical Sorting: the roundest, largest, and densest particles settle at the bottom of a layer, while flatter, smaller, less dense particles settle on the top (landslide, underwater landslides)

  10. Particle Size (Calm Body of Water) Water Smallest Particles Small Particles Medium Particles Largest Particles

  11. Graded Bedding: -Vertical layering, largest sediments towards bottom. -Occurs when an erosional system stops abruptly.

  12. Graded Bedding picture:

  13. Can be many “events” of abrupt stopping in one sample.

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  15. Windward side Leeward side

  16. HORIZONTAL SORTING How can I remember which way is horizontal? horizon

  17. HORIZONTAL SORTING Stream enters a large body of water, the velocity decreases and deposition occurs Larger sediments are deposited first Delta may form

  18. HORIZONTAL SORTING -Larger, more dense sediments settle out first, with a decreasing sediment size horizontally -Occurs when the velocity of the water erosional system decreases slowly (such as a stream flowing into an ocean) -Sediment size decreases in the direction the erosional system was flowing.

  19. Types of Deposition • Horizontal Sorting River Mouth – Water velocity decreases

  20. Deposition will occur on the inside of a meander where the water is moving more slowly

  21. Inside bend– deposition creates a point bar (beach-like) Outside bend- erosion creates a cut bank (steep slope)

  22. Alluvial fans form when streams come out of mountains onto flat land – velocity slows and deposition occurs


  24. Types of Deposition Unsorted – Associated with glacial deposits • UnSorted