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Marlee M atlin

Marlee M atlin

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Marlee M atlin

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  1. MarleeMatlin BIRTH DATE: August 24, 1965 (Age: 47)

  2. Early life. • Marlee matlin was born in Morton Grove, Illinois. • She had normal hearing at birth, but contracted roseola (measles) at the age of 18 months. The illness produced a high fever and serious complications, including the loss of most of her hearing

  3. Career • Matlin, who burst onto the scene years ago in 1986 with her performance in the feature film "Children of a Lesser God" (for which she won an Academy Award), has continued to build her résumé ever since. • Matlin has already appeared in multiple films, but it is her television roles that have increased awareness of Matlin in the hearing world the most. She has appeared on Showtime's The L Word. She appeared on ER as a sign language instructor, and her Reasonable Doubts program was popular when it was on the air. Her starring role on earned her an appearance on the cover of Deaf Life magazine (October 1991). She also appeared on Picket Fences, which aired from 1992 to 1996. In addition, Matlin has made numerous guest appearances on other television programs, and was a member of the 2008 cast of Dancing With the Stars

  4. Home life. • Their daddy is Matlin's husband of 14 years, Kevin Grandalski, 43, a law enforcement officer. Home to the couple and their kids—Sarah, 12, Brandon, 7, Tyler, 5, and Isabelle, 4—is a five-bedroom Tudor in an L.A. suburb.

  5. Personal life. • When Marlee was growing up, her parents expressed a concern that her deafness would be an insurmountable barrier in a world where words and sounds were so important to everyday living. But instead of agonizing over her deafness, they faced it head on and embraced it. They sent her to schools where she learned to both speak and sign, and they encouraged her to make friends in the neighborhood. But most importantly, they treated her as any child should be treated with love and respect.

  6. Impact of deaf people. • Marlee Matlin’s talent and power as an actress have made her one of the most significant – and influential – people in the Deaf community. • Matlin’s Academy Award-winning performance in the 1986 film Children of a Lesser God not only earned her great acclaim, but also did as much as any event in popular culture to raise awareness of Deaf culture and Deaf issues.