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Temperate Pond

Temperate Pond

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Temperate Pond

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  1. Temperate Pond Hala Abu Nahia Science, 6D

  2. Picture: What is a Temperate Pond? Info: A Temperate Pond is a very clean, well-flittered Pond. It is shallow enough to support rooted plants. Many animals and insects live in the pond, because of its clean, fresh water and safe habitat. There are many Temperate Ponds around the world, but they are usually on the country side.

  3. Info: Life in a Temperate Pond Picture: Temperate Ponds are very warm and clean. It is surrounded by beautiful plants and many mammals. Temperate Pond changes its Temperature according to the weather or season, it usually very warm though. Many Animals survive on dead insects that float on the surface of the water.

  4. Some Animals that live in the Biome: • Crayfish • Newt • Snapping Turtle • Spring Peeper Frog • Water Strider Many More… Picture: Info:

  5. Snapping Turtle The Snapping Turtle is an aggressive turtle, that is usually found in ponds. It spends most it’s life in water, and lives around 30-40 years. The Snapping Turtle is adapted to the pond because of it’s warm, clean water and safe habitat.

  6. Newt Newts are Colorful Salamanders, that are found in moist places, such as the pond. They live for about 2-3 years and are mostly found in North America, Europe and Asia. They are adapted to the Pond because of its fresh, clean water and moist area’s.

  7. Crayfish The Crayfish only lives in Freshwater habitats. They are Omnivores and eat things such as; Plants and Animals. The Crayfish is adapted to the Pond, so it can burrow into the soil to get water (So it can breath)

  8. Water Strider The Water Strider is also known as the “Pond Strider” It Is a bug that actually runs across the surface of the water, It barley even goes underwater. The Water Strider is adapted to the Pond because it eats all the dead insects that fall into the water, and that is how it finds its food.

  9. Some Plants in the Biome: • Water Lily • Lotus • Water Hyacinth Many More…

  10. Info: Water Lily Picture: A Water Lily is a beautiful flower that floats on the surface of the water. The Water Lily is scattered all over the world, it is a very famous flower. It is adapted to temperate ponds because the water there is very smooth and clean, and that is exactly what a flower need.

  11. Info: Lotus Picture: Lotus is a extraordinary plant that grows in freshwater. It’s mostly in Asia and quite common there. This beautiful Plant is adapted to the temperate pond because of the fresh, clean water the pond has.

  12. Water Hyacinth Info: Picture: The Water Hyacinth is freshwater floating plant. Its mostly and common in South America. It is adapted to temperate ponds because that is the only way this plant can grow and survive.

  13. Picture: Temperature and Weather Info: Ponds temperature and weather changes every one in a while. When it’s summer it’s very warm, but when its winter the pond freezes completely. When the temperatures keep changing some animals would leave and some would stay.

  14. Picture: .. A map of where Temperate Ponds are located

  15. Info: How do Humans affect Temperate Ponds? Picture: Humans have been over-fishing for many years now, this seems to affect ponds all around the world. People also seem to throw a lot of garbage into ponds, which is polluting the water. That affects many animals that count on the fresh, clean water the pond has. This human activity is horrible and affecting animals in many different ways. At the moment this is only affecting the animals and the environment around it. But after a while this will start to affect humans as well.

  16. Prevention/Solution Info: Picture: Humans could start having a limit for fishing instead for them to over-fish. This would start helping the environment way more because, there are other animals in ponds that survive on eating these fishes. We should also start throwing our garbage into trash cans instead of on the streets, ponds, ocean etc. because, if we keep throwing our garbage everywhere, we will eventually loose all this beautiful nature.

  17. Thank You For Watching!