maggie chelsea and jason d n.
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Maggie, Chelsea and JASON :D PowerPoint Presentation
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Maggie, Chelsea and JASON :D

Maggie, Chelsea and JASON :D

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Maggie, Chelsea and JASON :D

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  1. Maggie, Chelsea and JASON :D

  2. What It Is Predictability? • Logical repetition of a state, course of action, behavior, or the like, making it possible to know in advance what to expect.

  3. How it helps. • Keeps expectation the same at all levels and every location • Makes work a part of a never changing routine saving time and energy.

  4. Where it is seen • All the movies have two common denominators • animation that promotes mental adventures in children and striving toward a goal. • Animated characters that wish to meet a goal but accomplish something greater. • This characteristic has made them very successful in the movie industry.

  5. Effects on their profit • Antz- budget 60 million Domestic Total Gross: $90,757,863 • Shrek-Budget 60 million Domestic Total Gross: $267,665,011 • Madagascar-budget 75 million.Domestic Total Gross: $193,595,521

  6. What Is Control? Control is power held over something or someone. In McDonaldization, the control is usually used on the employees or on customers.

  7. How It Helps • Control helps the overall rationalization process move smoothly. In fast food the control is used by making menus without many choices and uncomfortable chairs. All those things encourage the process of going to a fast food restaurant to be efficient and quick.

  8. Dreamworks Control • Dreamworks makes sure that they control what type of movies they release. For example, if there is a romantic comedy movie coming out soon then Dreamworks will not release one because they don’t want competition.

  9. What Is Efficiency? • Efficiency is an accomplishment of, or ability to, accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort.

  10. Dreamworks • CEO is Jeffrey Katzenberg, he’s very clean and organized and often welcomes new hires. • Dreamworks provides free lunch & breakfast to employees • Sends daily updates to the staff • Dreamworks has a campus atmosphere (very fast-paced and fun) • Great benefits/Health Benefits • Dreamworks has a well organized workplace with set goals

  11. Dreamworks • Dreamworks uses special perks and rewards to make their employers work hard & efficiently, but to also enjoy their work. • The management of the company seem to have a genuine desire to create a good place to work. • One of Dreamworks biggest goals is to dramatically increase the number of films they create each year.

  12. Define Calculability • When the amount of what is produced matters more than the quality of what is produced.

  13. And this helps how? • I’m not sure if the quality of their work will suffer, but one of Dreamwork’s biggest goals is to increase the quantity of movies they put out each year. • They might think that having more movies available will reach out to more people and give them more movie views. Current fans will also go see the new movies.

  14. Where do we see it • In the past 13 years Dreamworks has released 23 movies that corresponded with movies created by Pixar . • Some of these movies did not receive positive reviews. • Sinbad • The road to el dorado