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State of the Gospel 2010 Jason Mandryk Operation World

State of the Gospel 2010 Jason Mandryk Operation World. World Religions. Largest Religion World Map. Islam World Map. Hinduism World Map. Buddhism World Map. Non-Religious World Map. A Global Christian Witness. Christian Population Dispersion World Map. Percent Christian World Map.

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State of the Gospel 2010 Jason Mandryk Operation World

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  1. State of the Gospel 2010Jason MandrykOperation World

  2. World Religions

  3. Largest Religion World Map

  4. Islam World Map

  5. Hinduism World Map

  6. Buddhism World Map

  7. Non-Religious World Map

  8. A Global Christian Witness

  9. Christian Population Dispersion World Map

  10. Percent Christian World Map

  11. Largest Christian Populations

  12. Christian Population MegaBlocs Pie Chart

  13. Change in MegaBlocs of World Population

  14. Percentage of World’s Christians in AfAsLA

  15. Evangelicals in the Majority World Emerge

  16. Evangelicals by Continent Pie Chart

  17. Global Evangelical Percent Graphs

  18. Countries with the Highest/Lowest % of Evangelicals

  19. Countries with the Fastest/Slowest Growing Evangelical Population

  20. Annual Growth Rates Graph

  21. Annual Growth Rate Comparison 1960-2010 Graph

  22. A Few Considerations Evangelical nominalism 2nd generation evangelicals among previously unevangelized Independent and unaffiliated evangelicals Evangelicals in mainline churches Evangelical syncretism Insider movements – evangelical non-Xns?

  23. The Challenge of the Unevangelized

  24. Christians and the Unevangelized World Map Christians and the Unevangelized

  25. The Rising Unevangelized Population Graph

  26. Unevangelized Population Top 10 Countries World Map

  27. Unreached People Groups Top 10 Countries World Map

  28. Largest Unreached Groups by Population World Map

  29. Unreached People Groups List

  30. Major Demographic Shifts

  31. Countries with the Highest/Lowest Population Growth Rate

  32. Countries with the Greatest Projected Growth/Decline

  33. 32 of China’s provinces and India’s states are large enough on their own to fall within the top 40most populous countries in the world.

  34. GDP per Capita (USD) World Map

  35. Percent Population under 15 World Map

  36. Immigration An inevitable, unstoppable tide A challenge and opportunity Modernity’s greatest gamble

  37. Top City Population List

  38. City Population/Percent Urban World Map

  39. The “Myth” of Urban Evangelism?

  40. City Population/Percent Urban with 10/40 Window World Map

  41. Massive Challenges The Challenge of Discipleship The Leadership Bottleneck The Post-Christian West The Revival of Fundamentalism

  42. Signs of Hope The Realization of the Scope The Globalization of the Task Force The Incredible Shrinking World Unprecedented Partnership

  43. Data from Operation World 2010www.operationworld.orgMap designs byGlobal Mapping Internationalwww.gmi.orgSome people group data fromJoshua Projectwww.joshuaproject.net Data from Operation World 2010 Map designs by Global Mapping International Some people group data from Joshua Project

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