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Photo Essay

Photo Essay. By: Brian Yielding. Picture 1.

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Photo Essay

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  1. PhotoEssay By: Brian Yielding

  2. Picture 1 In this photo there is my four air soft guns. There is a Tac R71 Sub machine gun (far left), M41K2 sniper rifle (top), AM semi auto Stunt Police pistol (middle), and a pulse R37 rifle (bottom). All of these guns are spring powered, two of the guns require batteries. In air soft most of the guns are modeled after real guns but fire small plastic bbs instead of bullets. They are fired by a spring propelling them threw the barrel.

  3. Picture 2 In this photo we see a field in my subdivision. We always have air soft wars here. There are three trees, some tall grass, a flat part, a ditch, and some hills. In the pp you will only see a small portion of the field.

  4. Picture 3 In this photo you see the base that my friend will be using the rest of the time. It is a split tree. Which means that it has more than one part coming off of the trunk. So it is an excellent place for a base. The leaves also make a grate camouflage.

  5. Picture 4 In this photo you see my friend loading his guns clip. To load this clip you pull down on a latch until it locks. Then you put bbs inside the chamber until it is full. Usually in a war you will have extra clips so you don’t have to keep on reloading. When the round is over you reload.

  6. Picture 5 In this photo you see my friend starting the war. In our air soft wars we yell ready when we hear them say ready some one yells go. In a professional war both teams use two way radios to tell the operator when thy are ready. then an alarm starts the match for both teams. But they play on much bigger fields.

  7. Picture 6 In this photo you see my friend taking cover from enemy fire. When you take cover make sure no part of your body can be seen. So no part could get shot you can only get shot. If you get shot three times then you “die”. When all the people die on a team they lose.

  8. Picture 7 In this photo you see my friend returning fire on the opposing team. He is still behind cover so he doesn't get shot in cross fire. Also so he can get back if fire gets to heavy.

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