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Photo Essay

Photo Essay. A Spectacular Performance. By Holly Hughes. By: Holly Hughes.

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Photo Essay

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  1. Photo Essay A Spectacular Performance By Holly Hughes By: Holly Hughes

  2. Kay Zoretic makes and sells jewelry for a living. She has been making jewelry for 12 years. A Sterling Performance is the name of her business. “I really didn't plan to "make jewelry", I just bought the beads to make a bracelet that I saw in a shop and felt that I couldn't afford. I made several of them and gave them to friends and family for Christmas presents and other people saw them and started calling to "order" them - and I was in business.” - Kay

  3. Kay makes her jewelry in her studio. Her studio just so happens to be her garage. This is a picture of just some of her beads and strings. In her studio, she also has many machines to help her work. “My studio gets pretty hot in summer, and adding torch work makes it really hot - and that's hard work. Pressing metal through a rolling mill takes a lot of muscle - and if you hammer metal long enough, you get really sore muscles - so all that is a little difficult.” –Kay Zoretic

  4. Kay often stamps words, phrases and Bible verses into her pieces. This particular bracelet has had names stamped onto it. She mostly works with silver but she also loves working with copper. “I'm fascinated by metal and how much fun it is to make it do certain things - and I love stamping inspirational messages and favorite scriptures in metal and turning it into jewelry.” –Kay Zoretic

  5. Kay is very skilled at what she does. The earrings in this picture took her less than a minute to make. She works with many different materials. In this picture she is working with turquoise. She also likes to incorporate different types of beads and crystals into her pieces.

  6. In this picture Kay is heating up a metal circle. It starts off silver and after it is heated it turns darker. To heat up the circle she is using a blowtorch. “There is something about taking a flat piece of copper and heating it with a torch, sawing a shape out of it and hammering it with a hammer to end up with something I think is beautiful that I can't enjoy any other way.” –Kay Zoretic

  7. Making jewelry can often get stressful. Kay has many orders that she needs to fill as soon as possible. In this picture Heather Hughes is looking at a pair of already-made earrings. “I enjoy selling, however, when I get several orders faster than I can finish them, I get a little stressed out. When people have already paid for something, I want them to have it as soon as possible.” –Kay

  8. In this picture Kay is working on a pair of earrings while talking and laughing. But not everything in life has been so happy for her. “I had a pretty difficult illness a few years ago and it was hard to move through that, and even when it was over, moving past it and believing I was really healthy made for an obstacle that was hard to get over.” Since then she has persevered in her jewelry making and has gone very far.

  9. Recently, Kay took place in the “World’s Greatest Studio Tour and Art Sale.” This was a tour of several artists’ studios around Bowling Green. Kay’s work is not just jewelry- but it is also considered art. A few months ago her jewelry was on display at the Gallery at 916. Some pieces are currently displayed at a local Presbyterian church.

  10. Kay considers this necklace her greatest achievement in jewelry-making. A while ago she entered it into an art show. There were many other great artists there. However, Kay won 4th place with this necklace. It is now currently on display.

  11. In this picture Ruthanne Hughes is showing her husband Larry a pair of earrings. Every piece of Kay’s jewelry is special because they are handmade. Because it is handmade, no two pieces are ever exactly the same. Kay may have had some tough times and she may get overwhelmed, but she is very successful in what she does. “Anything worth while takes some effort.” -Kay

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