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Summer Landscape Maintenance PowerPoint Presentation
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Summer Landscape Maintenance

Summer Landscape Maintenance

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Summer Landscape Maintenance

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  1. Summer Lawn Care Tips Trust us to turn your lawn from plain to pretty! Specializing in landscaping services, we are a trusted landscaping company that delivers the best results at affordable prices!

  2. 1) Grass Cliping The waste produced in relation to your cutting of grass should not be considered waste. The clippings you make during your time should be redistributed throughout the lawn. 2) Fertilization At the beginning of spring season and at the end of autumn season fertilization is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your grass.

  3. 3) Seeding Any patch of lawn that does not grow well, requires the seed to be applied. This situation is the key to patience because some homeowners sink the barren lawn patch more than once 4) Weeding Weeds are the fuss of any lawn across the country. To find any instances of weeds and to remove it as soon as possible, a conscious effort must be made to run your lawn every other day.

  4. Sungreen Landscaping specializes in various realms of commercial lawn, garden, tree, shrubbery, and irrigation maintenance and care with over 30 years of experience in lawn maintenance and manicuring. If you want to get the landscape maintenance with fast, efficient and professional process then you can contact us or go through our website. GIVE US A CALL! SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY! We can offer you the following services: - Landscape design and installation - Landscape maintenance - Landscape renovation and restoration - Hardscapes and playscapes - Pools, patios, and spas CONTACT US 232043 Range Road 283, Rocky View, AB, T1X 0K7 Ph No. 4032567500