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  1. Inspiration What or who is it that inspires you?

  2. What is inspiration Definition: Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity The condition of being so stimulated Divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind Arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity Arousing to a particular emotion or action

  3. What does inspiration mean to you? Do you use inspiration In what ways Is inspiration an important part of human development and contentment How does something that inspires you, impact you and in what ways?

  4. So what inspires you? A parent or person An act that someone has performed A specific piece of music or movie A historical event

  5. Examples of things that inspire or are inspirational The Haka J Mac’s Story Jimmy V Jon Cappelletti Dick Hoyt Randy Pausch

  6. What inspires me? While there are a few things that inspire me, I will give a brief example of how people can inspire. There was one person that inspired me on a daily basis, but recently it has become 2 people. My mom, yep, I’m a mama’s boy Why? Because of a fight that she put up against cancer for 2 years that she finally allowed to beat her. I’ll explain here…

  7. When Abe was a little kid, he used to run around and try to hang out with us older kids at our local park. His grandparents and aunt lived right across the street from the park and his cousins were best friends with my youngest brother. After a successful wrestling and football career at Williamsport High School, Abe did what 11 other members of his family did before him, he became a United States Marine. Serving in Afghanistan, Abe was involved in a number of firefights. On July 27th, 2010, Abe was killed after being struck in the chest by shrapnel from a roadside bomb. Thousands of people stood in silence along the route his casket took from Scranton to Williamsport, past his home and finally to the funeral home. The second person that has impacted my life and inspired me recently is Lance Corporal Abe Howard

  8. Thousands of people of people attended his wake at the Williamsport High School auditorium, as they did the next day at the church and overflow area for his funeral mass. Abe’s dedication and sacrifice is the definition of inspiration to many of those that knew him and many who didn’t.

  9. So what does inspiration mean to you? Who or what is your inspiration? The first exercise and assignment that you will complete in this class is this: Who or what inspires you? Was/is it a person, event or something else? Why does it inspire you? How has that inspiration affected you socially, mentally, physically, etc? We all use inspiration in some way or another every day. Whether it’s in the classroom, participating in sports or the arts or simply living our lives; we are inspired. The purpose of this paper is for you to truly and honestly self-reflect on who or what inspires you. While this is occurring, most of the time we don’t think about that catalyst that causes us to do the things we do, act the way we act, strive to achieve our hopes and dreams. Here is your opportunity to honestly look inside and see what catalyst drives you, many times pushing you to be who you are or who you are going to become. 2 Page minimum Double Spaced #12 Times New Roman Font Allow this assignment/paper to flow, don’t be stopped by the requirements or fear. This assignment allows for a free flow of thoughts and a conscious look inside of who you are, for you.