human values and ethics n.
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Human values and ethics PowerPoint Presentation
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Human values and ethics

Human values and ethics

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Human values and ethics

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  1. Human values and ethics Prepared By meghalekhwani

  2. Today we will talk about… • Happiness • Prosperity • Wealth • Difference between the two • Few recommendations

  3. happiness • Happiness a subjective feeling of contentment or joy. • Happiness may be considered to be more of a psychological state, having to do with mood and temperament. Consequently, it may not be correlated with external events.

  4. WEALTH • “ Wealth is a physical thing. It means having money or having a lot of physical facilities or both ”

  5. Prosperity • Prosperity creates comfort, security and sometimes recognition; but, again, there may be a certain price to prosperity that inhibits flourishing or diminishes happiness.

  6. LETS ASK OURSELVES “WHAT IS NATURALLY ACCEPTABLE TO ME “ • Accumulate more & more wealth while feelings deprives • or • Having requisite wealth & feelings prosperous!!!


  8. Wealth in comparison- “Besides physical facilities , we want relationships” We want to have mutually fulfilling relationships ( you can verify for yourself ) if there is any problem in relationship we feel uneasy it bothers us . In the need for physical facilities & relationship we look for- Mutual trust Mutual Understanding Equality Feelings, etc.

  9. Stress Management Tips for Police Officers Police officers have one of the world’s toughest jobs. In fact, our job is also rated as one of the world’s most stressful. Heart attacks, alcohol abuse, and other results of long-term stress run rampant through every police department nationwide.

  10. SOURCES of police stress

  11. Constant exposure to people suffering distress and pain- The very nature of a police officer’s job is to become deeply involved in the lives of those who have either committed a crime or been the victim of a crime. 

  12. Threats to an officer’s safety or health- Many police officers, and particularly those working in poorer neighborhoods or those with higher crime rates, experience physical danger on an almost daily basis.

  13. The responsibility of protecting the lives of citizens- Whilst police officers may seem like bastions of strength and stability to members of the public, the responsibility of being our first line of defense is not one that can be taken lightly. 

  14. The inconclusive nature of police work- Whilst many investigations are opened and closed in a satisfying manner, an unfortunate number of police cases are left unfinished or with insufficient evidence to continue. This can be a cause of great disappointment to the officers.

  15. Other reasons like: Poor management Inadequate or broken equipment Excessive overtime Frequent rotating shifts Regular changes in duties 

  16. Individual factors like- Family and relationship problems Financial problems Health concerns Difficulties from working second jobs to make extra income

  17. Consequences of stress

  18. Emotional detachment from various aspects of daily life Reduced efficiency Absenteeism and early retirement Excessive aggressiveness Alcoholism and other substance abuse problems Heart attacks, ulcers, weight gain, and other health problems Suicide

  19. 6 Unique stress management methods:

  20. 6 Unique stress management methods: Try to avoid using alcohol Exercise Regularly Learn to Relax Developing coping skills Separate work from house Find the non-police officer friends

  21. Play time- TRUTH AND LIES Duration : 20 minutes

  22. This game – also known as Two Truths, One Lie – is an easy, fun and quick way for team members to get to know one another. Instruct everyone to take a minute or two to come up with two truths and one lie about themselves. It’s not necessary but you could have each individual write this information on a small sheet of paper making sure to label which was truth and which was lie. Pick a random slip of paper or just choose someone to reveal the three pieces of information about themselves. Allow the rest of the group to confer and decide what is truth and what is lie. Then reveal the lie and move on to the next person.

  23. i salute you for contribution you all made to society !! MeghaLekhwani Managing Director Xtrude Engineers’ CAD, Haridwar Thank you