harrison bergeron 2 n.
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Harrison Bergeron #2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Harrison Bergeron #2

Harrison Bergeron #2

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Harrison Bergeron #2

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  1. Harrison Bergeron #2 Vocabulary, ENG 10

  2. Bellow (verb) to make a loud, animal-like cry, as a bull or cow Joaquin’s shouts and bellows echoed off of the surrounding cliffs as he jumped into the water, far below.

  3. Caper (verb) to leap about in a frisky manner; prance; frisk. The puppies capered and pranced around the backyard during their playtime.

  4. Delicacy (noun) softness; daintiness Even though the puffer fish is poisonous to consume, many Asian restaurants serve it as a fine delicacy, leaving just enough of the poison to make the diners’ lips tingle.

  5. Gambol (verb) to skip about, as in dancing Casey danced and gamboled about every time her brother’s football team made a touchdown.

  6. Gesture (noun) a movement of the hand, arm, head, or face that expresses something Many television personalities make lots of gestures with their hands as they talk in order to emphasis what they are saying.

  7. Grave (adjective) very serious and important Any experienced mountain climber will tell you that it is a grave mistake to tackle a mountain like Everest without the proper training.

  8. Impediment (noun) an obstacle; a hindrance Jon knows that a lack of confidence is an impediment to successon the field.

  9. Luminous (adjective) radiating or glowing The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, cast a luminous glow over the northernmost part of the globe.

  10. Reel (verb) to turn round and round; whirl Jordan felt as though her head was still reeling after swinging around in circles with her little brother.

  11. Vague (adjective) unclear; not explicitly stated Since her teacher gave such vague directions for the assignment, Sarah wasn’t sure what to do or how to start.