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AdWords Set-up Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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AdWords Set-up Guide

AdWords Set-up Guide

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AdWords Set-up Guide

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  1. AdWords Set-up Guide Some General Instructions

  2. A disclaimer • This exercise is not intended to get you 100% up to speed on Google AdWords or the aspects of keyword advertising. • The goal is to just get you to touch AdWords and understand the flow. • We will dive into the understanding aspects in future lessons.

  3. You will need an email for this. I recommend just making one for this exercise. For this, go to Google Gmail

  4. Once you have your Google Account email • Then, go to Google AdWords

  5. Click the I have an email option

  6. Click the I’d like to use my existing …option Log on with the Google Account you just created

  7. There are a couple of administrative questions (Set time zone and currency preferences and then Verify Account) … and then your account is activated

  8. Give your ad campaign a name that captures the essence of your marketing theme Select your geo-targeting – select US

  9. Don’t have a clue what you are doing? As you go through this exercise, click on the ?. Spend some time reading the content in the dialog boxes.

  10. Select where you want your ads to appear. Select the Let me choose option. Don’t forget the ‘?’ if you have questions or are curious! Select the Manual bidding for clicks Put in $10 per day for the budget Advanced stuff to confuse you; ignore for now

  11. Click the “Save and Continue” button

  12. Now, design the ad that will appear on the search engine results page. Might want to read the “Help me write and effective text ad”

  13. Here, you enter keywords that will trigger your ad (i.e., when people search). You can use the suggested ones or enter your own Play with the traffic estimator. Then add more keywords. Use the traffic estimator again. Try and get to your $10 daily limit

  14. Just enter $1 for all at this time; good bidding is a complex process that we will discuss later

  15. Click the “Set-up billing later” button

  16. Okay, here is your Campaign, with ad and keywords Explore the tabs and see what AdWords can tell you about your advertising effort. Again, don’t forget the ? for more information!

  17. Hey, Dr. Jansen • Where in the heck are these Ad groups that you were talking about?

  18. Click the Create a new campaign button

  19. As your account gets more complex, you can add Ad groups and more campaigns. Don’t bother at this time.

  20. You did it! • You have successfully set-up a Google AdWords account, established your first ad campaign with Ad group, ad, and keywords. • You are on your way to success! • We will spend future lessons providing some deeper insight into what you just did, the implications, and why you did it.