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TARS-FOLS Interface PowerPoint Presentation
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TARS-FOLS Interface

TARS-FOLS Interface

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TARS-FOLS Interface

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  1. TARS-FOLS Interface

  2. The TARS Interface Reservation Interface: TARS sends bookings to FOLS Price Interface: TARS sends prices to FOLS Prepayment Interface (APOL): TARS sends deposits to FOLS Planning Interface: FOLS sends availabilities to TARS

  3. Report hotel OSA ASA RMS ATACS web DATA web RESA web PMS ASA The TARS Interface OSA Reservation Interface Price Interface Prepayment Interface Planning Interface CRM & A|Club FOLS TARS RMS Amadeus RMS Easy RMS

  4. The TARS Interface In FOLS, 2 traffic lights to monitor TARS activity: • Leftarrow: download interface, i.e. information comingfrom TARS – bookings, price updates, APOL deposits. • Right arrow: upload interface, i.e. information transmitted to TARS – availabilities updates.

  5. The TARS Interface Download Interface: Left Arrow Green: a booking, a deposit or a price update has been integratedautomatically – The green arrow flashes. Orange: a booking, a deposit or a price update has been rejected. Red: rejected message have been in the interface for more than 10 minutes.

  6. The TARS Interface Upload Interface: Right Arrow Green: a planning update has been transmitted to TARS, the green arrow flashes. Red: the system has frozen. Whenever the right light getsred Contact Helpdesk Technique TARS – 24/7 +33 (0) 1 61 61 81 75

  7. Reservation Interface

  8. BookingIntegration • With RESA web, bookings are integratedautomatically in FOLS • Bookings are deductedinstantlyform the house inventory • Room products RESA web = Room products FOLS • The bookingisintegrated on the corresponding room product

  9. BookingIntegration Room products RESA web ≠ Room productsFOLS Without a straight mapping, one willneed to change the room product in the Stays tab for somebookings.

  10. BookingSearch Find TARS bookings by filling to their File no. or Reservation no. in the Conf Nbfiled.

  11. BookingSearch On the arrivallist, identify RESA web bookingsthanks to their File no. from the Res Nb column.

  12. Others Tab Others tab: • Reservation no. and TARS bookingorigin • TARS rate and reservation code • Contact nameentered in TARS

  13. Reservation Tab • The Guest infowindow in the Reservation tab isusing information entered in TARS • A new profile iscreated for each new guest • Details of a profile canbefound in Guest info

  14. Profiles Company profile

  15. Profiles Individual profile

  16. Profile Matching • Profile Matching: automaticmatching of profiles • New reservationsadd information to the profile • Individualguestsonly • The matchingisworkingaccording to criteriasbelow: If no matchinghappens, a new profile iscreated

  17. Comments • RESA web Commentsgathered in a single window in FOLS: • « Observations » = GUEST in FOLS • « Remarks » = HOTEL in FOLS

  18. Multi-rate The Substitution TARS Key applieswhen a given rate is not available for the wholestay. RESA web applies the most restrictive sale condition to the wholestay.

  19. SharedBookings Guest sharing a room = In house guestfield in FOLS

  20. Planning Interface

  21. Planning Interface FOLS sends OPEN and CLOSE messages to TARS 2 levels House level – OPEN/CLOSE (ROH in FOLS) Room type levels (existing in TARS) – OPEN/CLOSE Room products set as CRS Sales in FOLS OPEN/CLOSE according to thresholds set in FOLS Manages the availabilities of the property on the Distribution channels

  22. Planning Interface • The ROH Room type has no real physicalcapacity • It ismappedwith the House level of TARS

  23. Open/Close Thresholds Stock control: set Open and Close Thresholds for House level and Room type levels.

  24. Open/Close Thresholds • Parameters > 64-avail control • ROH Room product setting • Open Threshold 1 = House reopens as 1 room isavailable • Close Threshold 0 = House closes as no more rooms are available • Samekind of settings for the Room types • The Overbook value has an effect on the house inventory. • Thresholds are the sameaccording to the amendedinventory.

  25. Planning Synchronization • Init. TARS synchronizes TARS with FOLS availabilities • Restrictedaccess to the General Manager • Only if thereis a discrepancybetweensystems • Duringsynchronization, FOLS will slow down

  26. CLOSE Room productlevel Room productwith no availability in FOLS = Room product CLOSE in DATA web.

  27. CLOSE House level No availability House level in FOLS = House CLOSE in DATA web House level CLOSE in DATA web Room productslosetheir OPEN/CLOSE status – greystatus.

  28. OPEN House level A cancellationiscausing the House level to reopen in FOLS = House level and Rank 1 Room product OPEN in DATA web Below a cancellationoccurs on a DISR Room product in FOLS = TWD Room product OPEN in DATA web

  29. OPEN House level This behaviourisgenerallycausing the hotel staff to chose the largest Room product as the Rank 1 product. The mapping tables of TARS and FOLS Room products display on Description>Amenities>Products

  30. Price Interface

  31. Price Interface • Real time, automaticsynchronization in FOLS of all pricing update made in DATA web • One file per pricing update issend to FOLS • The Monitor and sendprices to PMSscreen displays and maygenerateanypricing update again

  32. Price Interface • In DATA web anyindividual Rate levelcanbeincluded in the Price Interface • In DATA web the Rate level codes are mappedwiththose of FOLS:

  33. Price Interface The pricing updates display in FOLS, Change History tab

  34. Price Interface Pre-requisites in DATA web • A price must beentered for anypayingadultperson set for the Room product (No loading for 0 pax). • StatusshouldbeNormal. Do not use Hidden, On requestor Freestatuses. • Unit shouldbeper product. Do not enter prices per person ou per half double room. • Length of Stayshouldbe 1 – Prices by periodscreen Any setting differentfrom items 1, 2 and 3 will damage the integrationprocess.

  35. Price Interface Pre-requisites in FOLS • Rate codes and Room products in FOLS are set by FOLS Admin • Do not use indexation to makeprice updates easier • TARS Line offers support for anyadding of Rate levels to the Price Interface • To add a rate thatisshared by DATA web and FOLS • Contact TARS Line 24/7 • + 33 (0) 1 61 6161 71 •

  36. Prepayment Interface

  37. Prepayment Interface • RESA web sends 2 interface files: • 1 file about the booking • 1 file about the deposit or garanty • These files still display in Change History in FOLS afterintegration • No Credit Carddetails are transmitted • Rememberthen to ask a CC guaranty to anyguestupon check-in

  38. Prepayment Interface • Prepaidbookingwith APOL: • The Creditcarddoes not display in FOLS • APOL PREPAYMENTRemark

  39. Prepayment Interface • Bookingguaranteed by APOL: • The CreditCarddoes not display in FOLS • GARANTED via APOL PREPAYMENTremark

  40. Prepayment Interface • Booking for manyrooms, guaranteed by APOL: • The CreditCarddoes not display in FOLS • APOL PREPAYMENT_MultipleroomsRemark

  41. Prepayment Interface • Cases where APOL bookings are cancelled: • Transactionfailure • Cancellation of the transaction on Ogonewebsite by the Hotel staff • A transactionis not validated by a guest on for 30 minutes • The cancellation displays in the Change History tab only - APOL System cancellation

  42. Prepayment Interface • Cases where an APOL bookingiscancelled for manyrooms: • One of the roomsis no longer bookable by the time of the confirmation. • The cancellation displays in the Change History tabonly - partially not available.

  43. Rejected Messages & Historic

  44. Rejected Messages • Rejected Messages that do not block the integrationprocess The bookingincludes an error but itcanbeintegrated • A TARS code thatis not declared in FOLS (e.g. segmentation) • CreditCarddetailsthat do not go through the check in FOLS • Select Integrate to force the integrationprocess • The wrong code isignored or replaced by a default code • Report the error to the FOLS Helpdesk for correction

  45. Rejected Messages • Rejected Messages that block the integrationprocess The bookingcannotbeintegrated • A modification/cancellation for which the original reservation has not been integratedyet • A bookingwhich has already been cancelled in FOLS • A TARS Room product not mappedwith FOLS • A TARS Rate level not mappedwith FOLS • The message cannotbeforced to integrate • No default value • The Hotel staff cantry and correct the error or contact the FOLS Helpdesk

  46. TARS Messages • The TARS Messages screen displays by double-clicking on the traffic lights • TARS Messages:eventsthat have occured in the interface • Receive: rejected messages • Open/Close: OPEN or CLOSE messages sent to DATA web • Change History: history data of the interface • Black arrow: select to display the rejectreason

  47. TARS Messages • Integrate: force the integration of a rejected message • See: display the interface file • Delete: delete a message in FOLS • General Manager or FOLS Helpdesk candelete a message • If a message isdeleted by mistake, the message canbegeneratedagain in RESA web.

  48. Historic Monitor the interface activityaccording to: • A preciseperiod • A type of message • A RESA web file no., etc.

  49. Historic See an interface file

  50. Historic Select the black arrow to display more info: • Message name • Message status: integrated, rejected, deleted • Code related to rejects, integrations or deletions