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  1. QUARTERLY INSERVICE MARCH 27TH, 2012 • AGENDA: • Michele Miller-Hayes- Introduction and Welcome • Lori Kiely-End of the Year Reports • Secondary Only: Jeff Newton-Transition • TEACHER DRAWINGS

  2. Exceed is LIVE!!!!! • Thank you to all who worked with us diligently in “working out the bugs!”!!!!!!!!! • We had many • Report to teachers will be mailed this week • Please make sure your IEP’s and Re-Evals are current. • Next month Compliance reports go to the Principals and Executive Directors.

  3. Portfolios • Teachers should all have taken the State Department SDE training and watched the Pearson uploading videos by now. If you have not, contact your Instructional Supervisor immediately. • Return your OMAAP and OAAP testing rosters to PRE. • Evidence uploads begin: April 2nd through May 11, 2012

  4. Pearson’s contact information • • 866-294-9970 • SDE 521-3351 • All Portfolios must be uploaded by the Building or District Coordinator you will no longer be required to bring the Portfolios to Special Services.

  5. ESY Students • June 18th 2012 through July 12th • 8:30 – 2:00 Monday - Thursday Service Providers: Teacher, Para, LPN, Related Services… • June 15thand July 13thwork days Report Times: 8-2:30 ESY IEPs must be finished before you checkout! ( details and Exceed “how to’s” to come)

  6. End of the Year Reports A Simple How-To

  7. DATA SURVEY • Enter your name as Special Educator • Enter your Building Name (not number) • Were you a special education teacher in OKCPS last school year? YES or NO

  8. DATA SURVEY • All Certified Area(s) and/or Registry Training List all the areas that you are Certified in and also have as Registry Training. {i.e. Learning Disabilities (LD), Intellectual Disabilities (ID not MR), Emotional Disturbance, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injured, etc.} List whether you have either a Mild/Moderate or Severe/Profound certificate or both. Also list Regular Education Certification(s): {i.e. Elementary Ed., Math, English/Lang. Arts}

  9. DATA SURVEY Areas you have built a HOUSSE: Professional development and Courseworkused to build a HOUSSE must be in the specific core area. {i.e. HQ in English, Math, You must have taken core content classes…..etc}

  10. DATA SURVEY Indicate the number of students for whom you are case-manager (means you write their IEPS and not just have them in your class) • Autism _____________ • Deaf-Blind _____________ • Deaf _____________ • Hearing Impaired _____________ • Mental Retardation (Intellectual Disabilities) _____________ Remember case manager indicates that you are certified in that area or that you have had the Registry training. 

  11. GRADUATION EVENT IN EXCEED • For any 12th grade students that you have completed an IEP Subsequent in EXCEED a Graduation Event will be generated for you. • Please send the names of any 12th grade students that you have not completed an IEP Subsequent in EXCEED to Lori Kiely or Sara Berry. We will have to add the graduation/exit event for you.

  12. TRANSITION • BY: Jeff Newton

  13. Steps to Enrolling in Metro Tech • Check with a High School Counselor on student’s credits. • Have the student complete an interest inventory. • Check out the Metro Tech website-

  14. Steps to Enrolling in Metro Tech Continued- • Complete the Metro Tech High School Application for Admission.

  15. Steps to Enrolling in Metro Tech Continued- • Meet with a Metro Tech Career Advisor for your School and turn in the Metro Tech application to them. • The student’s application will be processed with all other applications in a blind process. Information regarding disability will not affect any student’s enrollment.

  16. Steps to Enrolling in Metro Tech Continued- • A list of the Metro Tech Career Advisor has been included. • There is also a link on the Metro Website with their information. • A list of the Metro Site Counselors has been included as well.

  17. Step to Enrolling in Metro Tech Continued- • Invite Denise North phone: 595-4418 e-mail: to student’s IEP meeting if the student has been accepted Metro Tech. • IEP meeting should be held prior to the student attending Metro Tech.