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Task 2

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Task 2

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  1. Task 2 Kineilwe

  2. Preparing for employment in the media industry • Passion- if you have passion in something you're interested you would push yourself and will go far in the industry • Get work experience- To get into the media industry it will be helpful to have work experience since the media is a very competitive industry and it will make your CV look good. • Ask people who are already in the industry questions and how they got to the position they are at now. • Research – doing research on the industry especially the sector you want to do can be helpful for yourself. Research on the current events that’s going on . • Finish college- If you`re still in college finish your course and get work experience

  3. Interview skills • Its useful to know the background of the company and to do some research for yourself. Knowing the company’s background can impress the boss during the interview. • Ask questions yourself because it will show that you're interested for the position • Always practice your answers especially the basics the questions they would ask you and say why you are suitable for the job. • An interview can be nerve wracking but just stay calm otherwise you will mess up your chance of getting the job. Speak clear and smile! • You may be asked to perform the skills you have and what you will do in certain situations. Sometimes they would ask about your current job and why you want to leave however, when they ask you this question you have to answer it more cautiously. • First impressions always counts! The way you dress to an interview can reflect on your personality. For an interview you must dress smart and appropriate

  4. Self presentation(dress code) • Men's Interview Attire • White long sleeve shirt • professional shoes with dark socks • Not too much jewelry • Neat hairstyle • Go easy on the aftershave • Bring a Portfolio if needed if the job you’re applying • Women's Interview Attire • No revealing clothes • Limited jewelry • Neat hairstyle • Go easy on the make-up & perfume • Appropriate nails • Bring a Portfolio if needed if the job you’re applying

  5. Interpersonal skills-define • Interpersonal skills are the skills people use to interact with each other and basic skills of interpersonal skills are speaking, listening and attitude. These skills can lead to being more productive and efficient employee or employer.

  6. Define skills and qualities • Skills- to be able to perform something well. Social skills could become useful at a work place. • Qualitiesare yours characteristics such as a good listener, kind, team worker etc...A positive attitude and to be able to work in a team is essential at a work place.