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Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools. An overview. Today. Goal: understand some of the wide array of social media tools available and their usefulness. By, Kevin Porter. SLOGAN. Your network is more powerful than you think!. What is Viadeo ??.

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Social Media Tools

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  1. Social Media Tools An overview

  2. Today • Goal: understand some of the wide array of social media tools available and their usefulness

  3. By, Kevin Porter

  4. SLOGAN • Your network is more powerful than you think!

  5. What is Viadeo?? • A private social networking site founded in Paris, France by Dan Serfaty and Thierry Lunati. • It is mainly used by business people such as business people, entrepreneurs, and managers.

  6. More on Viadeo • Used by 35 million people worldwide as of 2010. • Viadeo is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

  7. What can you do on Viadeo? • You can ad a profile picture of yourself, state which businesses you have worked for, and ad contacts • Like Facebook, it will also suggest people you know so you can ad them to your contacts • It can also be used to get in touch with business people to get jobs. • You can also explore discussion groups, browse job ads and news items.

  8. How can this help me? • If I need to find a job, I can get in touch with different businesses and browse job ads.

  9. News Article • According to the Sacramento Bee, Soocial, another social networking site is joining up with Viadeo in order to work towards improving overall user experience on the Viadeo professional social network.

  10. Dave Ratzek

  11. Formerly known as Reunion.com • Was created to help people such as friends, relatives, and lost loves connected. • Created by Jeffery Tinsley in 2002. • In 2007, MyLife claimed to be the 6th most used social networking cite • Has 4.2 million monthly unique visits

  12. MyLife is a monthly paid service •  Allows the user to search for and connect with people they may have lost contact with • Many reviews were bitter towards issues with payments, advertisements (had an issue with the BBB), and privacy issues such as the distribution of email addresses and open contact lists. • The social network MyLife does not seem to have a specific age group taget, but does not appear to be as 'teen geared' as other social networks like Facebook •  This website could prove personally useful in connecting with past school friends •  Provides the ability to integrate other social networks all into one page

  13. Bebo Blog Early, Blog Often Adam

  14. what is bebo? Its a personal page were you can post blogs, Music , photos, videos.

  15. Thinks you can do on Bebo You can add friends send messages just like every other site.  If your friend uploads something on Facebook or twitter you can view it on Bebo. They made Bebo Authors so if your are writing a book you can get feedback on what you have written. You can make your account with your Facebook account and your AIM account.   

  16. Created By: Joshua Schachter Karen Webb

  17. Created by: Joshua Schachter Launched: September 2003 Type of site: Online social bookmarking Owned by: Avos Systems History

  18. Step one- Create a friendly user ID Step Two-Browse other users bookmarks Step Three- Subscribe to those you like Step four-Find your own favorite sites/bookmark them Step five-Add a description to the bookmark Step Six-Share Description

  19. Like a playlist of websites! Example: You enjoy Line Dancing Step One- Find first link on topic (Video ,Song ,Site ,Steps ,Etc.) Step Two- Create a “Stack” with a title & description about content Step Three- Keep adding & share Stack with other users Step Four- Start another! New Addition-Stacks

  20. Melissa Thorpe

  21. What is it? • Diigo is a social bookmarking, knowledge sharing tool, and research website. • It allows you to take notes and highlight information on web pages.  • Diigo was created in 2004 • Diigo : "Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff"

  22. Features • Its features include: • Highlighting- you can digitally highlight the data on webpages • Note Taking- allows you to take notes on a page almost like leaving a sticky note in a writen document • Bookmarking and Saving- this allows you easy access to previously viewed documents

  23. Features • Searching- allows you to search web page titiles, URLs, Tags, comments, highlights, full texts of bookmarked pages • Sharing- you can send your information to other people, even if they dont have diigo • Colaborating and using groups-create or join a group for sharing information  

  24. Relationships matter. Founded by: Reid Hoffman (2003) CEO: Jeff Weiner By: Elisabeth Sladek

  25. About Linkedin • Founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003 • Business social-networking site for professional networking. • Ahead of Viadeo and XING with 116 million users. • Acquired the phone app called CardMunch where the phone scans business cards and turns them into contacts. • “Linkedin Answers” like “Yahoo! Answers” for business questions.

  26. Connections • “Connections” are people that the user has some level of relationship with (like “friends” on Facebook). • Connections are used as contacts for the user which can help them get hired by a potential employer. • Employers can look for employee candidates and post job listings.

  27. Reviews • "LinkedIn has become the de facto tool for professional networking.” –TechRepublic • "LinkedIn.com, a business-orientated networking site, can be an ideal way for professionals to present an online profile of themselves...Unlike social networking sites, [with] LinkedIn you're outlining all your credentials; presenting the professional rather than the personal you. Considering the sheer vastness of the digital space, the potential for building up a solid base of contacts and fostering new business relationships is boundless.” –Evening Echo

  28. Personal Opinion • I think that this could be a useful tool after college when I’m looking for a job. • It would be helpful with networking and allow me to contact people at different companies.

  29. Our Mission As a nonprofit, our mission is to amplify the love, hope and compassion in the world, making each health journey easier. Our free patient websites bring people together when health matters most. By: Emily Fuchs

  30. What is it? • A website for people who need support in their current health • Created in 1997 by a woman who wanted to update her friends & family on her difficult pregnancy

  31. Features • Users can update followers about their changing condition • Guests can leave messages for the patient in the guestbook feature • A place for personal & private conversations

  32. Review • “CaringBridge.org is an example of a website that provides so much for so many. I was amazed when I found this site…” (Doskocil, Lee Ann) • People find this site to be extremely helpful and supportive.

  33. Experience Project By: Meagan Behm

  34. About Experience Project Experience Project, launched in 2007, is a comfortable and supportive place for individuals to share and connect with others around the things that matter to them most. There are stories, confessions, questions and answers on the site.

  35. More on Experience Project • Experience Project has been recognized by ABC's Good Morning America, The San Francisco Chronicle and Wired Magazine. There are 24 categories for people to share their experiences • Experience project could be very useful for all people because they are able to tell their experiences and be able to relate with other stories on the site. There are 12,000,000 experiences so you’re sure to find one to relate to.

  36. Flickr Sarah Nikodem

  37. Acquired by Yahoo

  38. A site where you can upload photos and videos

  39. Artists mainly use this site

  40. Mainly to give and receive feedback

  41. You are able to upload a maximum of 200 photo/videos (200 items)

  42. Different settings for your profile

  43. If you purchase pro you can upload limitlessly and you have more options for your profile

  44. There’s an app for that

  45. Cites http://www.flickr.com/ http://www.cellphonenews.com/cell_phon _news/official-flickr-app-now-available-in the-android-market http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flickr

  46. “this is seriously addicting.” Kathleen Williams 2.7 million users

  47. What is it? Pinterest is a vision board -styled social photo sharing website and app where users can create and manage theme-based image collections. How does it work? A Pinterest member may create a board. A board is a set of pins created on any given topic. Suggested boards include: products I love, favorite places & spaces, books worth reading, my style, for the home, food. Users label and create theme-based image boards. Users can populate their own boards with media found online using the Pin It button

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