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  1. Link IT Fulvio Lecci Link It Program Manager Technical Area - ENAV Link2000+ Workshop – Brussels 10, 11 October 2007

  2. The approach to data link • ENAV commitment • In 2001 ENAV decided to commit to Link2000+ • Initial studies to define basilar requirements • Designed Airspace • Network ownership • Data Link Approach • Business Case to demonstrate data link feasibility • Safety Assessment process • FTS, Data Link HMI Definition & Prototyping • Operational Implementation

  3. Designed Airspace • UIR Roma (FL290 – 460) • UIR Milano (FL296 – 460) • Managed by Roma ACC

  4. Safety Assessment process • Safety Assessment steps • Operational environment and related services • Functional Hazard Assessment to identify risk level of the new functionalities • CPDLC HMI Functional Requirements • Functional Requirements Document for the use of L2k+ baseline services (DLIC,ACM,ACL,AMC)

  5. FTS/RTS: step by step approach • Data Link HMI Definition & Prototyping • Prototype of a new Human Machine Interface • Related working methods for the use of the datalink services • Based on the one currently in operation in Rome ACC • Efficiency Analysis • Analyse the impact of data link communications on ATCOs Workload. • Definition and validation of new controller’s tasks by Real Time simulations. • Safety Objectives Validation • Specific Safety Scenarios were developed and injected in the RTS • Validation of FHA Safety Objectives compliance with the Hazards identified in the FHA and in the ED120

  6. FTS/RTS: HMI prototyping ACL message: authorized to level … (UM19, UM20, UM21) • Innovative Control Working Position solutions supporting Data Link services for testing CPDLC operations AB button on ALV or Modo C field label: ALV menu to send clearances. AB button on clearance level of right column (DL mode): DL message will be sent. In the label a yellow frame will close ALV field. Pilot has receveid clearance. Pilot will answer WILCO. When WILCO message will be received from system, yellow frame around ALV field get off.

  7. FTS/RTS: main activities • 2 Real Time Simulation (Human-in-the-loop) and 1 Fast Time Simulation (SICTA and ENAV Experimental Centre) • 1st Real Time Simulation exercise aiming to define and evaluate new controller’s tasks (qualitative and quantitative approach), to feed FTS • A Fast Time Simulation exercise to evaluate the efficiency and the potential increase of sectors capacity, based on preliminary indications from 1st RTS • 2nd Real Time Simulation exercise to evaluate Safety and Human Factors aspects

  8. FTS/RTS: main results of FTS • Constant decrease of workload in each of future (CPDLC) scenario • Progressive and regular decrease of the voice communications amount • Decrease of time duration of voice communication • Increase of Sectors Capacity up to 12.8% (with 100% of traffic D/L equipped). The different results in term of capacity depend on the typology of Sectors (e.g. Feeder of Roma TMA) and the characteristic of traffic (e.g. overfly) • Slight reduction of improvement margins in case of non-nominal scenario

  9. FTS/RTS: evidence of results of FTS

  10. FTS/RTS: human in the loop simulations • Airspace Environment • 2 sectors (EWU & OVS) • 2 Feeder (Marsiglia/Tunusi as other ATSU and Roma ACC as sector of same ATSU) • Traffic Sample • 3 levels of traffic (75%, 100% & 130% of sector capacity as reported to CFMU) • 2 percentage of aircraft D/L equipped (50% & 75%) • ATC Working Methods • Baseline (R/T modality) • Baseline + CPDLC modality • Baseline + CPDLC modality with task sharing between EXE & PLN • Organizations • 23 exercises with 8 ATCO in rotation • Non-Nominal Events : • Military Area and Bed Weather Conditions • Faults Injections (e.g. Misdirection of message, corruption of message)

  11. FTS/RTS: Roma ACC sectors Feeder West Marsiglia/Tunisi OVS Feeder East Roma ACC EWU

  12. FTS/RTS: evaluation activities • Eye Tracking • The map of hot-spot shows the areas which are mostly fixed by ATCO during a run • Over the Shoulders Observation • Safety & Human Factors Experts • Questionnaires • Human Factors post run (based on NASA TLX and SASHA) • Human Factors Survey • Safety post run • Personal Interview • Instantaneous Self Assessment (ISA) • Debriefing post run • Debriefing post simulation sessions • Eye Tracking

  13. FTS/RTS: output of SO validation • FHA Safety Objective Validation • Identification and evaluation of the effects of Hazards on the basis of ATCO behaviours and feedback • Evalutation of the effective risk related to more critical Hazards (e.g. Misdirection of message, Corruption of Flight Level message) • Supported by proof the Severity of Operational Consequences and the Safety Objectives derived from the FHA • Identification of some mitigation means to apply in design and implementation of new HMI

  14. FTS/RTS: evidence of results of ISA • Measurement of workload through the “Instantaneous Self Assessment” • Compared the Baseline scenario (R/T modality) with the D/L scenario (R/T + CPDLC modality) • Evident reduction of workload in the organizations with CPDLC

  15. FTS/RTS: main results of RTS • Human Factors • Trust of ATCO in the CPDLC • Significant reduction of workload and voice communications • Increase of Situational Awareness • Positive ATCO feedback on HMI usability

  16. Operational Implementation Contract objectives • Implementation of DLIC, ACM, ACL, AMC • Initial CPDLC services will be implement in Roma ACC using VDL2 network • Implementation of data link network • A new network supporting VDL2, AOA, ACARS protocol will be developed and implemented • Implementation of D-ATIS and DCL • D-ATIS and DCL will be implement in Fiumicino and Malpensa airport using ACARS protocol

  17. Operational Implementation Implementation Phases • Definition, Testing, Implementation of Multimode Ground Station • New VHF, VDL, ACARS Ground Station to manage ATS and AOC messages. • Partnership Agreement with ARINC. • Implementation of data link network • Network of initial 10 MGS to cover Roma UIR and most important airport, starting from Fiumicino and Malpensa. • MGS will be connected together and integrated in ENAV network using E-Net transport services (ENAV program to implement ATM network connections) • Upgrade of the HMI • Data link new functionality will be implement in operational HMI used in Roma ACC. • Pre-operational phase in PSA • Pre-operational phase will be performed in PSA of Roma ACC (Test, Simulation and training room) • Assess operational validation of CPDLC services. • Training sessions for controllers. • Operational phase • CPDLC services will be implement in Upper sectors managed by Roma ACC.

  18. Operational Implementation Timing of data link implementation Project Definition Development and testing of MGS System and Network Implementation Pre-Operational Phase in Rome PSA Operational Rome UIR Pre-Operational phase in Fiumicino & Malpensa Other airport and ACCs Operational phase in Fiumicino & Malpensa 09 07 08 11 10

  19. Operational Implementation