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Cutting Edge Campus Ministry

(CECM). Cutting Edge Campus Ministry. WHY MCC? WHY NOW?. United States Facts The United States has among the highest incarceration rates in the world.

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Cutting Edge Campus Ministry

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  1. (CECM) Cutting Edge Campus Ministry


  3. United States Facts • The United States has among the highest incarceration rates in the world. • Reporting at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association (August 3, 2008), sociologists at Bowling Green State University found that men who attend college are more likely to commit property crimes during their college years than their non-college-attending peers. • Michigan Facts • In 2006 there were 5,350 reported cases of weapons arrest in the state of Michigan alone. • In Michigan dropout rates by high school, range from zero percent to a high of 30 percent.

  4. Facts about Genesee County and Flint Michigan

  5. Genesee County is number 2 in the state of Michigan for Syphilis. • (The number of cases of infectious syphilis in Genesee County this year continues to climb past the highest numbers ever recorded in over 20 years, surpassing 100 cases. To date there have been 109 reported cases in Genesee County. ) • The department of Human Services is trying to raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases since the number of cases being reported continues to rise. "Genesee county is considered one of the high prevalence counties in the state," said Director of Community Health Programs. And the numbers aren't getting better. The state says in the first three months of 2008 there were 476 cases of people living with either HIV or AIDS. In 2007, there were 460 cases, and in 2006, there were 434 cases reported • In 2006 the Flint Police Department arrested 12 people for murder, 25 people for rape and attempted rape, 137 people for robbery, 158 people for motor vehicle theft, 293 for carrying a weapon, and 1,804 people due to narcotic violations.

  6. Sociological Theory Says… • The social environment is the cause of criminal behavior, with weak or broken bonds to family, school, and religion being the catalyst to criminal behavior. • People engage in criminal behavior because they do not see the benefits of adhering to conventional social values, and believe crime is a way to improve personal social conditions. • Interactionist Theory Says… • Association with other criminals is the factor most contributing to criminal behavior among individuals. • Failure of self-direction, and inadequate social roles are the root causes of criminal behavior.

  7. Both theories’ solutions express that… • Positive alternatives divert peoples’ actions away from criminal activity and create a sense of belonging, competence, and empowerment. • Social programs that change the cultural and social conditions thought to lead people into crime are the best solution. • Offenders have the responsibility and ability to change their own behaviors. • Opportunities for positive interaction with society will enable the criminal, or would be criminal, to choose productive and lawful behaviors to meet needs.


  9. CECM Board Members Advisor ~ Cherie Brown Co-Advisor ~ Louvella Miller President ~ Melvin C. McDowell Jr. Vice President ~ Brian Mikels Secretary ~ D’ShondraRideout Student Representative and Treasurer ~ Kenielle Brown

  10. CAMPUS MINISTRY VISION • The vision for a campus ministry at MCC began with Eric Lewis, Jr., a young man who has a keen desire to positively impact students through faith based initiatives and strategies. Eric has been instrumental in bringing together a multitude of individuals at MCC to develop a campus ministry at the College; He serves on a volunteer basis to provide leadership and inspiration for implementation. • He is a graduate of Mott Community College and has fulfilled various roles within Student Life at MCC. These include the following: • Michigan Regional Vice-President of Phi Theta Kappa (Honors Society) • President of the Alpha Omicron Iota chapter of Phi Theta Kappa • Member of Flint Rotaract Club • Member of Multi-Cultural Minority Affairs Committee • Honors Program Member and Presidential Ambassador • His credentials include the following: • Graduate of Hamady High School • Mott Community College: Associate in General Studies • Northwood University: Bachelor of Business Administration • Destiny College International: Bachelor of Theology • Destiny College International: Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies and Theology • Spring Arbor University: Master of Arts in Organizational Management (May09) • Bethlehem Bible Institute: Master of Arts in Christian Education • Bethlehem Bible Institute: Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Education

  11. Purpose, Mission/Goal, & Motto Purpose To develop a community of students at MCC who encourages each other to grow in their Christian faith. ( As students connect with other students at the college who share their spiritual faith, a supportive environment and outlet for students will be created that will positively impact both their academic success and individual growth. ) Mission/Goal To empower college students through biblical solutions for everyday life. Motto “Encourage, Enlighten, Empower”

  12. Ways in which we will achieve our goal

  13. Networking Opportunities Social Issues Forum Skating Parties Bowling Events

  14. Student Ministry Support Discussion Groups Listening Ear Worship Opportunities Prayer

  15. Education & Personal Enrichment Pastors Unite (This is an event where Pastors in the community team up and teach workshop concerning basic life skills from a biblical standpoint.) General Workshops Conferences Guest Speakers and Lecturers

  16. Creative Expression of Talents and Abilities Open Mic Forums Poetry Slams Talent Shows Concerts

  17. Community Service & Volunteerism Soup Kitchens Host a Campus Clean Up Assist in Community Services Relay for Life Adopt a House

  18. Celebration Events Annual Club Recognition Event College Commencement

  19. Promotion & Membership Drive Plan Flyers Word of Mouth Myspace Facebook MCC Chronicle On Campus TV’s

  20. Thank You On behalf of the entire CECM participants, we would like to say thank you for hearing us and for giving us a platform to present our endeavors. Our prayer is that you notice the potential a group like ours could have in our school and community at large. -CECM

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