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Customer CARE

Customer CARE

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Customer CARE

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  1. Customer CARE Project Owner: Norma Sox Start Date: 4/12/2011 Last Review Date: 9/28/2011 Purpose • In partnership with Centre Customer Service, create a standardized shipment ownership/Customer care process for North America to assist in: • Becoming the Undisputed Leader • Ensuring Cargo Readiness • Improving Ease of doing business with Maersk • Creating a single point of contact for customers that understand the issues from both sides • Resolving issues for customers in a structured format • Providing proactive notification Recent Progress • Received finalized roles and competencies from Centre for Customer Care • Volume goals for 2011: Miami: 95%; Charlotte: 75%; Toronto: 86%; Houston: 85%; Reefer export: 100%; Reefer import: 80%; Government: 100% • Routed after hours east coast calls to Houston to avoid potential loss of business and ensure customers can get to us. • Gaining more use of Issue Resolution system versus emails between NAM and other countries Next Steps • Get final approval for CODS customer CARE portal changes—breaking into 3 sections for estimate and work • Create training material for CODS Customer CARE portal or alternative • Give inside sales a presentation on Customer Care (Henning and Mike to pilot with Houston) • Chart year to date Where are we through September 2011 • Review with colleagues that they have what they need to provide the 4 key elements Risks / Barriers • Global process not defined yet for single point of contact • No global training support yet • No sign off on CODS Customer CARE ReR • What to do with group addresses for customers outside of CARE.

  2. Customer Experience Project Owner: Joe Alexander Start Date: Spring 2010 Last Review Date: 6/15/2011 Purpose • To improve the experiences Maersk Line provides to customers in North America • To improve the experiences of internal customers when working with other teams within the organization • The goal is to generate the emotions of PLEASED, CARED FOR and TRUST. Recent Progress • Customer Experience Barometer – (a visual representation of how different initiatives are progressing) has been updated for month of June. For those interested the June version can be viewed here: • Round Tables – results of the Round Table sessions has been summarized. We are focusing on communication suggestions of colleagues and the suggestions are being reviewed for priority and we will be sharing results shortly. • Customer Mirrors – an additional 2 customer mirror visits have been completed bringing our total for 2011 to 10. Results are overall positive and the learnings are in line with what we have seen in the post-CSS interview process results. Working to merge the feedback from these sessions into the database for post-CSS to interview findings. • Anchoring Emotional Skills – the roll out of this training will follow the Customer Care training sessions that are scheduled for June. More details to come. • Communication team – looking at alternatives to Sharepoint for sharing updates with the organization Next Steps • July Barometer will be completed and posted to the team site by July 8th • Face-to-face Ambassador meeting July 6-7 in Chicago • Next Advocate call – June 29th at 9:30AM (EDT) Risks / Barriers • Communicating to the organization seems to be our biggest hurdle – getting the right level of detail to the right groups in the right medium is what are trying to achieve.

  3. Customer Compliments Last Review Date : 9/29/2011 • Total Compliments this week: 2 • Ellen Red and Leigh Ann Bond – HOU - Vinny Polimeni of Maersk Line Sales – “While I was on the phone today with Will Criscitelli owner of Seaboard Forwarding handling shippers Globex and Perdue. He said quote, ‘THANK GOD FOR ELLEN and LEIGH ANN.’ Of course I echo the praise. Thank you both for your outstanding efforts each day. This is a good indication the ownership program is working.” • Justin Brady – HOU - Anne Lo of Newport CH International – “Two years ago when I started with Newport we always dreaded the call to Maersk since everything would take 30 mins to resolve. It has been such a pleasure working with you, I can’t express enough how much easier working with Maersk has been since having you as our rep. Maersk and Newport are extremely lucky to have you working on our team!!”

  4. Workflow - Booking Last Review Date: 9/15/2011 Project Owner: Zachary Field, Jenny Sheppard Purpose • Manage booking process globally • Manage flow of work between 128 countries and 5 GSC’s • What’s in it for Country - one Inbox/queue for all the handover bookings/amendments from GSC with reasons; Retrieve any booking from GSC for immediate resolution; Visibility of the current status of any booking; Dash boards to see the outstanding activities/bookings in country inbox as well as GSC; No more usage of multiple pending trays for managing bookings and handovers; Processing of maximum volume of bookings and amendments through GSC for email, fax and e-commerce Recent Progress The Initial Pilot was conducted in Poland week 23 As a result of the Pilot - 6 main changes were identified as needed to be delivered before rolling out to the global audience. The last of these changes will be delivered 11 September (WK36) 2011. Next Steps • NAM to Pilot in Charlotte for only ebookings - pilot team consists of 10 colleagues • Training for the Charlotte pilot will be week 37 - Training will be conducted by USAPIT Zachary Field and Jenny Sheppard • Pilot kickoff will take place at the beginning of week 38 • Currently the plan for the rest of NAM is 2012 • The timelines for the rollout to our other offices will be based on the results of the Charlotte pilot • Canada will likely come first due to volumes What can CSPS Workflow do today? (2011) The basic activity framework; Manual Bookings and E-bookings; Limited Communication with other departments; Standard “handover” process between F.O. and GSC; Dashboards; Standard BI Reports and Offshored BI Team Risks / Barriers • A large e-booking volume such as Charlotte has not yet been piloted. • Charlotte is unique to the other pilot counties in the sense that there is a large volume of email and telephone bookings that will not fall within the pilot scope • The re-opening of the confirm shipment task for bookings created through Workflow will not re-open the task in Workflow. Users will have to continue to monitor their GCSS pending trays for these cases. Link:

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  6. New maerskline.comImplementation Project Owner: Luke Downey Start Date: 07/06/2011 Last Review Date: 9/28/2011 Purpose • Aug 28th, X-leap will launch Beta 7.0 New with three available features: • Create New Booking - New look and feel, and simplified with less clicks • Rate Retrieval – Provides online search opportunities for rates • Issue Resolution (New) – Allows Customers to log issues via and to have complete visibility all the way to resolution Recent Progress • Aug 28th Launch of New • Customers and Number of Bookings Made on New – 30 bookings made for USA. Emo Trans Provided Positive Feedback. • Customer Service Training completed • All of Customer Service Begins Logging Destination/Origin Issues in Issue Resolution instead of Email Sept. 12th • 215 Issues have been completed through Issue Resolution since Aug 28th Release • Direct Benefit – Full Visibility of Customer Issues. (not hiding in email) • One person receives an issue, not multiple parties included in email that have view each time Next Steps • Operations, Sales, Finance (Dem,Det) teams reviewing/finalizing Team Structure for Issue Resolution • Plan / Approach to begin moving customers to new to create bookings and log issues in Issue Resolution . • October 9th, new release of – Issue Resolution Enhancement for Automated Routing • Week 41, 42, 43 Operations, Sales, Finance (Dem,Det) conduct Issue Resolution Training • Week 44 Operations, Sales, Finance to begin logging/handling Issues in Issue Resolution Risks / Barriers • External Communication – No define plan from CEN as of yet • Customer Usage is expected to be very minimal but it is public any customer can decide to use • Internally, how ready globally will each country be? Change in mindset in handling issues via Issue Center vs BA Mail. Most likely it will take time for the globe to mature and grow into it