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Establishing Shot:

Establishing Shot:

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Establishing Shot:

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  1. Establishing Shot: a generally long shot of the exterior of a building or of a landscape, used at the beginning of a sequence in order to establish a general impression of the scene to follow, rather than give specific information.

  2. Long Shot: a shot that shows the entire human body, with the head near the top of the frame and the feet near the bottom. While the focus is on characters, plenty of background detail still emerges.

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  4. Medium and Medium Long Shots By Sam Menath & Sam Krahling

  5. Medium Shot • It is a waist up shot of a character • Good for when a character is speaking • Can show facial and body gestures • Also shows a good surrounding of the backround

  6. Medium Long Shot • Similar to a Medium Shot, but with more emphasis on the background of the scene • The scenery gives more impact and meaning to the character

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  8. IB Film: Close Up Shots Joseph DeMatteo & Victoria Snitsar

  9. The Close-Up A close-up (CU) is the most desirable to catch changing facial expressions, which are important to following a conversation. This shot is used to create intimacy or to show emotional responses from characters by abstracting them from a context. A CU can also be used to focus on an object as a way of highlighting the importance of that object in the story.

  10. The Medium Close-Up A medium close-up (MCU) is a shot cropped between the shoulders and the belt line. Also called a bust shot. The MCU is an in-between shot that is can be used for intense dialogue.

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  12. The extreme close-up (ECU) By Emma Juntunen and Aaron Jin

  13. Purpose • Also named as XCU or ECU • Smaller details that might have been missed • Too close to show emotions or reactions

  14. Extra • Used to highlight an important fact or create suspense. Impactful • May just show the eyes of an individual • Telephoto lens used to capture detail • More expensive

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