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English News Media Literacy PowerPoint Presentation
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English News Media Literacy

English News Media Literacy

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English News Media Literacy

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  1. English News Media Literacy (2)Finding story ideas Zhang Wei Department of English Peking University

  2. Fed-up Ed, 1/8/2003, 1:40:00 PM • I am editor of a community college paper and there is very little activity. The writers for the paper are not very enthused about finding story topics and I feel I have exhausted most of my resources for interesting news (besides the small amount of hard news that occurs at the college). Does anyone have any tips and tricks for getting interesting and creative story ideas?

  3. Shaping story ideas • Observation: What do you see? Hear? Smell? Feel? • Follow the news: aware of different perspectives • national trends  localize national stories • 图书馆首页—”特色收藏”—”报纸热点” • 新华社多媒体数据库、百度新闻 • world issues  localize world stories • Online Newspapers • RSS feed: track stories from different sources • local stories  follow up on previous stories • 北大地带、未名BBS、校内信息 • Interviewing • find people who know and talk to them • develop sources meet decision makers + people affected • Follow your curiosity!

  4. 14部委联手加强网吧管理:2007年不新增网吧14部委联手加强网吧管理:2007年不新增网吧 新华社北京3月5日电(记者周玮、白瀛)文化部、工商总局、公安部、信息产业部等14部委日前联合印发《关于进一步加强网吧及网络游戏管理工作的通知》。根据通知要求,2007年全国网吧总量不再增加,各地均不得审批新的网吧;为防范虚拟货币冲击现实经济金融秩序,严禁倒卖虚拟货币。通知明确,根据目前网吧市场的供求状况和监管实际,2007年各地均不得审批新的网吧。本通知发布之日前按规定已取得同意筹建批准文件的网吧,须在2007年6月30日前完成筹建工作。通知强调,禁止网吧接纳未成年人,对2004年10月18日以来第2次接纳未成年人的网吧,依法责令停业整顿不少于15天并处罚款;第3次接纳未成年人的网吧,依法吊销《网络文化经营许可证》。

  5. 通知重申,坚决取缔黑网吧,对以“电子竞技俱乐部(馆)”、电脑服务部、劳动职业技能培训等名义变相经营网吧的,依法予以取缔。规范对学校内上网场所的管理,校内上网场所必须由学校直接管理,不得出租、承包,不得以营利为目的,其收费须按有关财务管理规定统一收支。禁止将学校的房产和设备出租用于开办网吧。通知重申,坚决取缔黑网吧,对以“电子竞技俱乐部(馆)”、电脑服务部、劳动职业技能培训等名义变相经营网吧的,依法予以取缔。规范对学校内上网场所的管理,校内上网场所必须由学校直接管理,不得出租、承包,不得以营利为目的,其收费须按有关财务管理规定统一收支。禁止将学校的房产和设备出租用于开办网吧。 • 打击和防范网络游戏经营活动中的违法犯罪行为,通知要求,从严整治带有赌博色彩的网络游戏,严厉打击利用网络游戏赌博的行为。中国人民银行要加强对网络游戏中的虚拟货币的规范和管理,严格限制网络游戏经营单位发行虚拟货币的总量以及单个网络游戏消费者的购买额;严格区分虚拟交易和电子商务的实物交易,网络游戏经营单位发行的虚拟货币不能用于购买实物产品,只能用于购买自身提供的网络游戏等虚拟产品和服务;消费者如需将虚拟货币赎回为法定货币,其金额不得超过原购买金额;严禁倒卖虚拟货币。违反以上规定的,由中国人民银行按照《中华人民共和国中国人民银行法》相关规定予以处罚。(完)

  6. Brainstorming Possible story ideas … Hint: Assume a different point of view.

  7. Discussion • Read the three news stories carefully and discuss the following questions with your group mates: • What’s the news? • How do the three stories differ from each other? • What are the effects of these differences? • Select one speaker from your group to make a 5-minute talk.

  8. No new Internet bars this year • The country will not allow new Internet bars to open this year to prevent juvenile crime and addiction, according to a directive issued yesterday. • "In 2007, local governments must not sanction the opening of new Internet bars," said the notice by 14 departments that include the Ministry of Culture, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Information Industry (MII). • "Bars that have received approval prior to the issuance of this notice need to be set up before June 30, 2007," it added. • There are currently about 113,000 Internet bars in China, according to MII figures.

  9. Continued • The notice comes as lawmakers at the annual session of the top legislature, the National People's Congress, called for stricter regulations to keep teenagers away from Internet cafes. • "It is common to see students from primary and middle schools lounging in Internet bars all through the night, puffing away on cigarettes and engrossed in online games," Xinhua quoted NPC deputy Yu Wen as saying. Attribution!

  10. Dragon fighters barred from web cafés • China has issued a ban on new internet cafés, ostensibly to curb soaring internet addiction among children but also to reduce opportunities for people to communicate anonymously in cyberspace. • The decision not to approve any new licences for “net bars”, as they are known in China, was announced to coincide with the annual session of the country’s rubberstamp Parliament in a sign that the Government — this time — may be serious about a crackdown. The decision was taken jointly by 14 government departments, including the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Security.

  11. Continued • However, the test will come in the enforcement of the ban because many unlicensed cafés operate throughout China with apparent impunity. • The latest notice reiterated rules that already prohibit internet cafés from admitting anyone under 18 and require anyone using the computers to register with their identity card. However, these rules are widely ignored. • Yu Wen, a deputy to the National People’s Congress, or parliament, said:“It is common to see students from primary and middle schools lingering in internet bars overnight, puffing on cigarettes and engrossed in online games.”

  12. Game over for net addicts at Beijing center

  13. BEIJING (Reuters) - Combining sympathy with discipline, a military-style boot camp near Beijing is at the front-line of China's battle against Internet addiction, a disorder afflicting millions of the nation's youth. • The Internet Addiction Treatment Center (IATC) in Daxing county uses a blend of therapy and military drills to treat the children of China's nouveau riche addicted to online games, Internet pornography, cybersex and chats. • "I gradually became obsessed," said Li Yanlin, a university student whose grades plunged after he became addicted to Internet games. But after several weeks at the Daxing facility, the 18-year-old said he "recognized the falseness of online gaming." • Concerned by a number of high-profile Internet-related deaths and juvenile crime, the government is now taking steps to stem Internet addictions by banning new Internet cafes and mulling restrictions on violent computer games. • The government-funded Daxing center, run by an army colonel under the Beijing Military Hospital, is one of a handful of clinics treating patients with Internet addictions in China.

  14. Group work • Share your story idea with your group mates. Use the following checklist to help each other revise your story ideas (checklist adapted from • What’s the news? • What’s the story? • So what? • What’s the image? • How can I tell it in one sentence? • Select one speaker from your group to make a 5-minute talk about the story idea.

  15. The GoogleIncident • Editorials/Opinion articles • 谷歌事件,岂能废了网络规矩 • Google vs. China • Google incident does not break WTO rules • News stories • China Issues Warning to Major Partners of Google • Mundie: Perseverance pays off in long

  16. For our next session— • Oral work • Track stories relevant to your topic using the tools introduced today; prepare an oral summary of the relevant news stories. • Written work • story idea • story map • project plan