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Hall A Update Thia Keppel PowerPoint Presentation
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Hall A Update Thia Keppel

Hall A Update Thia Keppel

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Hall A Update Thia Keppel

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  1. Hall A Update Thia Keppel PREX2/CREX Collaboration Meeting October2017

  2. Hall A Projected Experiment Schedule, as shown 3/2017 (last PREX2/CREX meeting) CY 2016 CY 2017 CY 2018 List of approved and feasible experiments *possible best effort run - going very well! SBS2019? MOLLER, SoLID schedule not final Experiments in red represent PAC42 “high impact” experiments

  3. Jefferson Lab Experiment E12-14-012 A measurement of the Argon spectral function Fundamental nuclear physics observable critical to new generations of neutrino experiments such as DUNE and MicroBooNE Collaboration of 31 physicists, from 8 institutions, based in USA, Europe and Japan Spokesman: O. Benhar (INFN), D. Day (UVA), D. Higinbotham (JLAB), C. Mariani (VT) A multi-disciplinary effort that promotes a synergy between nuclear theorist and experimentalists and neutrino physicists. Approved in July 2014 Scientific Grade A- Collaboration from neutrino community Data taking started in Feb. 2017 Data taking completed Mar. 2017 First publication expected Fall 2017 Data Simulation

  4. Tritium Experiment Group Preparations • Five experiments approved by PAC 42, 3“high impact” • (Many!) graduate students on site • Preparations currently underway • Vent system • Target and safety systems • Scattering chamber • Target installation platform • Final ERR walkthrough November 2017 4

  5. SBS • SBS Project successfully completed June 2017 • Closeout document: • “The panel finds that the SBS project has achieved all project technical baseline and performance specifications.” • “As noted in previous review summaries, it is highly commendable that the base WBS projects were accomplished on time and budget.” • “In addition, some variants to the original planning were included…..which enhanced the capability of the base project.” • The panel looks forward to seeing these components being put on the floor for final commissioning to enable the start of an exciting SBS physics program. • Successful GMn Experimental Readiness Review June 2017

  6. SBS All Major Components at JLab BigBite Beam pipe Counterweight on floor plates Coordinate Detector HCal GEM BT 3x50x40 cm2modules

  7. MOLLER • 2009: Approved by PAC • 2010: Assigned A rating and awarded full beam time request of 344 PAC days • - 2010: Director's Review (Chair: Charles Prescott), Strong Endorsement • 2011: Jefferson Lab submitted MIE Proposal to DOE NP • 2014: DOE Science Review, Strong Endorsement • Backgrounds and Radiative Corrections reports submitted • December 2016: Director’s Technical Cost and Schedule Review • “scientific case … remains as strong as ever”, “...Committee finds that the substantial progress since the last Director’s Review suggests that the experiment is ready to move to the next stage” • December 2016: CD-0 achieved on Dec. 21, 2016 with caveat that project is “paused” • 2015 - 2017 …: Ongoing Investigations • Spectrometer magnet and collimator systems baseline design, coil proto-typing • Radiation shielding optimization and further detector development (UVA) • Parity quality beam working group with parasitic studies (R. Suleiman, lead) • Target development (SilviuCovrigDOE Early Career Award Recipient) • - Work proceeding to address recommendations from 12/16 Director’s Review • - Pre-R&D continues to refine design choices and reduce risk

  8. SoLID Timeline Overview Proposed QCD & Fundamental Symmetries MIE • Unique Capability: • High luminosity (1037-39) • Large acceptance detector with full f coverage

  9. Successful ERR May 2017 Engineering and design (see Robin’s talk!) Computation fluid dynamics and target/chamber design(see Silviu’s talk) Polarimetry (see Sunday afternoon talks) Regular parity quality beam meetings Data acquisition (see Bob’s talk) Radiation harden HRS front quads PREX2/CREX (JLab) Activities

  10. Hall A Projected Experiment Schedule, as shown 3/2017 (last PREX2/CREX meeting) CY 2016 CY 2017 CY 2018 List of approved and feasible experiments *possible best effort run - going very well! SBS2019? MOLLER, SoLID schedule not final Experiments in red represent PAC42 “high impact” experiments 10

  11. Hall A Projected Experiment Schedule, current (also see 12/18) CY 2017 CY 2018 CY 2019 Schedule uncertain • Added run period • additional experiment approved • *Fall 2017 run shortened to ~2 weeks SBS2019? 2020? MOLLER, SoLID Experiments in red represent PAC42 “high impact” experiments 11

  12. Schedule-relevant Issues and Questions • PREX2/CREX projected costs remaining: ~$0.5M • Division M&S "freedom" last year was ~$0.5M (with some things not supported) • This year need to support 4 Halls (B and C now online!) • Also have other obligations, e.g., SBS project is complete, but dependency work still needed/tracked • We have every intent to schedule PREX2/CREX after 3H experiment completion and before SBS installation. • We will definitely try to have the parts in hand in calendar year 2018 to be ready for a potential 2019 installation. But, there remain large unknowns: • If division gets the same non-labor M&S as FY17 ("flat funding") scheduling PREX2/CREX in CY19 will not be feasible • If lab funding does not grow drastically, we will not get to the ~30 weeks of operations per year in FY19 that we would need to both reap the Halls B, C and D 12-GeV investments and have off-energy potential for PREX2/CREX • The operations gap is ~$10M to bridge from 12 weeks (FY18) to 30 weeks… • We also need reliable accelerator operations and cryogenics. • We discussed the above at the recent laboratory S&T review (DOE/NP present) Please work with us to try to improve our possibilities to plan for PREX2/CREX after 3H experiment completion.