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Sand Tiger Shark

Sand Tiger Shark

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Sand Tiger Shark

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  1. Sand Tiger Shark

  2. Sand Tigers Interaction with Humans People associate the sand tigers with having a vicious demeanor because their teeth protrude from their mouths when their jaws are closed, but they are generally not a threat to humans

  3. A Sand Tigers Diet • The diet of the sand tiger shark often consists of fish, young sharks, rays, crustacean and bluefin tuna trapped in nets. The sand tiger hunts a variety of fish along the Atlantic coast of North America, including skates, mackerel, menhaden, flounder, weakfish, bonito, alewives and, silver hake.The sand tiger prefers bony fish such as eels, mullets, and sea basses

  4. Sand Tigers Description • The eyes of the sand tiger shark are small, lacking eyelids, one of the shark's many distinct characteristics. The head is rather pointy, as opposed to round, while the snout is flattened with a big bump shape. Its body is stout and bulky and its mouth extends beyond the eyes. The sand tiger shark usually swims with its mouth open displaying three rows of protruding, smooth-edged, sharp-pointed teeth. Adult sharks tend to have reddish-brown spots scattered around their entire body.

  5. Sand Tigers Anatomy • Sand Tiger sharks tend to have poor eye sight. Instead, they have to rely on their keen sense of smell to both know where they are going and to search for prey. Sand tigers are one of the most vicious looking sharks in the ocean with their protruding snout and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. The teeth will shed occasionally over a two week period.