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  1. Fish

  2. Calcium (If eaten with bones) Vitamins A, D and B-group Iodine and Phosphorus Nutrients Iron and Potassium Fluorine Proteins (High biological value) And Fats

  3. No elastin. Structure of Fish Fish is easier to cook and more nutritious than meat. Muscles are shorter than those in meat. The flesh of Fish has lesser connective tissue than meat.

  4. Easily digested thus suitable for young children and people who is recovering from a sickness or injury. White Fish (A little or No fats) Most of the flesh is white in colour. Different types of fish Flesh is darker in colour. Oily Fish is less easily digested due to the fat content thus it is not suitable for young children and convalescent. More flavorful as there is a higher fat content. Due to the high fat content, it is rich in vitamin A and D. Oily Fish (Contains more fats than White Fish)

  5. Flesh should be springy and firm to touch. What to consider when choosing fish? No unpleasant smell. Eyes should be bright and outstanding and not sunken. Gills are bright red in colour. Scales are moist and close to the skin and are bright and shiny.

  6. If fish is overcooked, the protein shrink, squeezing out the liquid and the fish becomes dry. Collagen in the connective tissue is easily converted into gelatin, the muscles fibres fall apart and the fish is tender to eat. Fats in the Oily Fish melts and runs out. Effects of heat on fish The muscle protein coagulates on heating and the flesh becomes white and opaque.

  7. Fish take a shorter time to cook than meat. When cooking fish… Overcooking the fish will lead to dryness, toughness and breaking up of the flesh.

  8. Baked Deep-fried Cooking White Fish Cooking Oily Fish Grilled Pan fried

  9. Frozen Ways of Preserving Fish Smoked Canned Steamed Salted

  10. The End Credits: (for picture) taken on 21/8/2010