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Hydroponics. the cultivation of plants without soil ." . Commercial Hydroponics Systems. Homemade Hydroponics Systems. Hydroponics Growing Mediums. Clay Pellets. “Grow Stones”. Rock Wool.

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  1. Hydroponics • the cultivation of plants without soil ."

  2. Commercial Hydroponics Systems

  3. Homemade Hydroponics Systems

  4. Hydroponics Growing Mediums

  5. Clay Pellets

  6. “Grow Stones”

  7. Rock Wool • Very popular medium made from melting igneous rock and dripping it onto a spinning disk to dry (like cotton candy). It's readily available but somewhat dirty and it produces a dust when first setting it up that cannot be something you want to breath. It also comes in grow cube form.

  8. Hygromite • A silica based mineral rock that was kiln dried into small stone size pebbles. It is 100% organic and not too expensive but, as a downside, must be rinsed to clean the constant dust it erodes.

  9. Grow Cubes • with names like Oasis, Jiffy 7 or Jiffy 9 these are made from compressed fibers of cocoa, wood, peat or rockwool just to name a few. They have excellant water retention and are used for propagating seedlings from seeds. The seedling and the entire cube can be easily dropped into a hydroponics system as is when ready.

  10. Make Your Own Growth Medium • Sand, pea stone, gravel, saw dust, etc…

  11. Hydroponics Nutrients

  12. Make Your Own

  13. Compost Tea as Nutrients

  14. Make Your Own

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