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Athletic Director

Athletic Director

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Athletic Director

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  1. Athletic Director George Sallas 993-6943

  2. Did you know? Research has shown that students in extra-curricular activities have greater chances for success during adulthood. That is the premise for the creation and continued existence of athletic and activity programs in high school. Character traits required to be successful participant are similar to those that will promote a successful life after high school.

  3. Things a student will learn from high school activities. • The team matters more than the individual. • Achievement comes as a result of adequate preparation. • Control, perseverance and calm under pressure are vital elements of a person’s character. • Constructive criticism is infinitely more valuable than empty praise. • It is through competition we learn about our strengths and weaknesses. • Real self-esteem comes by effort and achievement and if along the way you have some setbacks, that is part of the process.

  4. If you have a concern to discuss with a coach, this is the proper procedure to follow: • Call the school office to make an appointment with the coach. • Please do not confront a coach before or after a practice or game. • If the situation does not improve, call the office to set up an appointment with the athletic director. • MYTH = If I talk to the coach, my kid will never get a chance to play.

  5. Appropriate concerns to discuss with the coach: • The physical, emotional and/or mental treatment of your child. • Ways to help your child improve. • Concerns about your child’s behavior. It can be difficult to accept your child’s role and playing time on the team. Coaches are professionals. They make judgments and decisions based on what they see in practice every day and what they believe is in the best interest of the team as a whole. SMSD believes those issues must be left to the discretion of the coach.

  6. Issues not appropriate to discuss with a coach: • Playing time • Starting line up • Other student athletes By following the stated guidelines, SMN believes that your child will have a positive experience and gain valuable tools to help them become successful and productive adults through participation in athletics and activities.

  7. Opinion of this Athletic Director • A student athlete can not have a good experience if the parents are openly critical of the coach/sponsor. • Issues parents have with the coach’s strategy, practice plans, starting lineup, handling of other players, etc. are better kept a secret from your student/athlete. • If you need to vent, come talk to me.

  8. ATHLETIC TRAINER MATT HUMPERT ATC/R 913-676-7542 913-530-3477

  9. ALL ACTIVITIES BOOSTER CLUB We need your help to raise funds for our students involved in activities. Here are some of our committees: Sale of Spirit Wear Legacy Patio (engraved bricks) Special Events (cooking) Annual Golf Tournament

  10. KSHSAA RULES Eligibility Requirements • Last Semester – Passed 5 New Classes • Current Semester – Passing 5 New Classes Note: Lab Assistant Credit does not count towards eligibility. ALWAYS TELL YOUR COUNSELOR YOU ARE AN ATHLETE!

  11. North Eligibility Sheets If the student athlete does not have a D or F, he/she is exempt from carrying an eligibility card for 4 ½ weeks. Each progress report and grade card determines whether the student/athlete must carry an eligibility card for the next 4 ½ weeks. When the progress reports or 9 week grade cards come out and an athlete is not passing 5 classes he/she is not eligible for competition until the eligibility card shows they are passing 5 classes. Exception: Student/athlete is not passing 5 at semester. As always we encourage teachers to inform coaches when student athlete’s grades or behavior begin to decline. If a teacher informs the coach that one of his or her athletes now has a D or F or their behavior is unsatisfactory, the coach must put the athlete on the eligibility card.

  12. Attendance on the day of the activity • All students who participate in school activities must be in regular full day attendance on the day the activity is scheduled unless the activity takes the student out of classes. This applies to practice as well as games, performances or events. Any exception must be approved by a North Administrator or Athletic Director at least 24 hours in advance.

  13. NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Any student who plans to participate in college athletics at the NCAA Division 1, NCAA Division 2, or NAIA level MUST register with the NCAA and / or NAIA Clearinghouse and meet initial eligibility standards. Registration is encouraged after the start of the student’s junior year. For more information log onto the NCAA website -bound-student-athlete-pack-of-25.aspx the NAIA website or see Mr. Stone in Student Services.

  14. KSHSAA RULES Private Instruction (same sport) • You Can Receive Private Instruction • One Athlete – One Coach • Parent(s) Can Always be Present • Can Have a Facilitator – Not Receiving Instruction i.e. Pitching Instruction – Another Kid Catching

  15. KSHSAA RULES Age Requirement • If You Turned 19 on or Before September 1, 2013 See George Sallas

  16. KSHSAA RULES Transfer Rules • Does Not Apply to 9th Graders Entering High School for the First Time • Foreign Exchange Students • Must Be Approved Program • Can’t Be A Graduate of Home High School • Family Makes a Bonafide Move • Immediately Eligible • Transfer Without Family Making Bonafide Move • 18 Weeks before eligible for varsity. • Contact George Sallas at 993-6943 if you fall under any transfer category.

  17. KSHSAA RULES Awards BE CAREFUL!!!! Accept No Tangible Awards or Cash From Any Outside Agency

  18. District Substance Abuse Policy All Forms of Tobacco, Illegal Drugs and Alcohol • In Season Violation – Out for Season • Subsequent Violations – Out for 365 Days • Off Season Violation –20 Hrs. of Community Service • Subsequent Violations – Out for 365 Days

  19. Ryan Lilja-Graduate of SMNW on the Substance Abuse Policy “Yeah, I knew the rules, I broke the rules. So it took a little growing up to kind of realize I was responsible for my own actions. Basically I broke the rules. I knew I wasn’t supposed to drink.” Ryan Lilja (Kansas City Cheifs) Source – Kansas City Star – Aug. 12, 2004

  20. Resolving Schedule Conflicts • Student and Parents check schedules. • Student, Parentsand Coach/Sponsor meet. • Decision(s) are made and put in writing. Example: Tom will play in the band on 2/23. Tom will swim on 3/1. • Fairness to each activity is the goal.

  21. Other District Rules • Medication – Parent/Guardian must inform the school nurse and coach of all medications taken by your son/daughter. • Using medication that is not prescribed to you, is dangerous and violates district policy.

  22. SPORTS RISK There are specific risks associated with participation in each sport. Every head coach will cover those risks in their breakout sessions.

  23. Why do we discuss the risks associated with participation in high school athletics? • High School Athletic Directors and Coaches have a legal duty to do so. • Passantino v. New York City Board of Education. (New York 1977) – Baseball • Vendrell v. School District No. 26C (Oregon 1962) – Football Warnings must be detailed and repeated.

  24. Please Be Aware of the Risks • These risks include, but are not limited to: • Death • Serious neck and Spinal Injuries which may result in complete or partial paralysis • Brain damage

  25. Serious injury to virtually all bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and other aspects of the muscular-skeletal system. • Serious injury or impairment to other aspects of your body , general health and well beings of playing or practicing a sport at SMN may result not only in a serious injury, but in serious impairment of your future ability to earn a living, engage in business, participate in social and recreational activities, and generally to enjoy life.

  26. Please Be Aware • All athletes need to listen to and follow all of the coach’s instructions and warnings regarding playing techniques, training methods, rules of the sport and other team rules.

  27. Please Be Aware • All Athletes need to adhere to all written instructions and written warnings.

  28. The Good News • Most serious and life-threatening injuries are rare. • All our coaches work diligently to create a safe physical and competitive environment for our athletes.

  29. HELP WANTED All athletes should report any unsafe conditions to their coach immediately.

  30. Supplemental Insurance • You can purchase supplemental insurance for your athletes. • The office has enrollment forms that outline the insurance plans. • Can help bridge the gap between the catastrophic insurance provided by the KSHSAA.

  31. If you have a question about the schedule or how to get to the location of the contest just go to:

  32. What people want their athletic program to look like and feel like. • Moms say: Safe • Dads say: Competitive • Administrators say: Sportsmanlike • Athletes say: Fun and Fair Safe, competitive, sportsmanlike, fun and fair. These five characteristics are what we want North athletics to be.