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EGN 1935: ECE (Ad)Ventures University of Florida, EGN 1935 Team: MILlionaires Robot: Turlington Victim Fall 2013 Team Members: Ryan Molloy Joey Jacobsen Matthew Bendetowies. RYAN MOLLOY. 2 nd Semester Freshman Major: Civil Engineering

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  1. EGN 1935: ECE (Ad)VenturesUniversity of Florida, EGN 1935Team: MILlionairesRobot: Turlington VictimFall 2013 Team Members:Ryan MolloyJoey Jacobsen Matthew Bendetowies

  2. RYAN MOLLOY • 2nd Semester Freshman • Major: Civil Engineering • Learned how to do basic programming from this class • Course has helped improve my knowledge in the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering • UF goal: Join clubs and become more outgoing • Get an Internship/Study Abroad in Europe • Life Goal: Become a Structural Civil Engineer and play golf • Advice: “Your mindset will determine whether you pass or fail”

  3. Joey Jacobsen • 1st semester Freshman • Major: Electrical Engineering • Gained knowledge about Electrical and Computer Engineering from this class • Now understand what to expect in Electrical Engineering • UF goal: become involved on campus • Career Goal: Earn Bachelors in Electrical Engineering, and Masters in Business Administration • Hope to manage a large Engineering company • Advice: “Go to class”

  4. Matthew Bendetowies • 2nd Semester Freshman • Major: Material/Electrical Engineering • Learn how to program a robot to be autonomous through the class • UF Goal: Get an Internship early on, get involved in clubs and have fun • Career Goal: Go to graduate school and find a job that will be enjoyable • Advice: “Do not miss class and plan out your week”

  5. The Turlington Victim

  6. Conclusion • Advice: • Your experience at UF is what you make of it. • It will be tough but never get frustrated as there are great professors here to guide you in the class--engineering adventures. • This class has helped give a solid foundation in engineering by having knowledge of how to do basic programming. • We have all personally gained a better understanding of what specific tasks electrical and computer engineering are faced with on the job.

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